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Hello; hepatitis B patients with hepatitis B patients taboo which in addition to regular review, correct medication treatment, should pay particular attention to daily life, must not violate certain taboos. Were careless in their daily lives, do not attach importance to self-care, pay no attention to taboo, it will lead to rapid deterioration of disease. Contraindicated in patients with hepatitis B are listed below. 1. Taboo over food, especially too much meat and sugar. Too much meat protein and carbohydrate foods into fat, stored in the body of ministries, which the liver is also a storage key, constant, daily, body fat, is bound to the formation of fatty liver, so that an excessive burden on the liver illness, promote hepatitis B worse. Patients with the best arrangements for a variety of balanced diet, especially to self-control body weight, daily life, mainly in the following foods: all kinds of staple foods (rice, flour, etc.) lean meat, fresh fish, eggs, soy products, a variety of vegetables, fruits, vegetable oil, sugar properly; Eat less animal fat, fried, bacon, whole milk and so on. 2. Taboo alcoholism. The main components of wine, alcohol, ethanol can be converted in the liver to acetaldehyde, they have a direct damage to the liver, the role of the liver cell degeneration and necrosis. Hepatitis B patients had liver disease itself, coupled with alcohol can be described as worse, can accelerate the disease to cirrhosis, liver cancer and even the direction of evolution. Hepatitis B patients with alcohol, alcohol is unconditional, must, wine, beer are taboo within the scope of patients gatherings, you can drink, mineral water on behalf of the wine. 3. Excessive physical and mental taboo. Overwork that a lot of nutrients and oxygen consumption, resulting in significant reduction in hepatic energy supply, weakening resistance to disease the liver, hepatitis B virus would spread quickly, until the destruction of irreversible liver disease. Hepatitis B patients with stable disease, the advocates work and rest, proper exercise, proper rest, master "degree", activity to not feel the fatigue, nausea, back pain prevail, living, and living there often, do not easily break the good life law; condition fluctuations, the best bed rest, resting recovery. 4. Tabu furious and depressed. Chinese believe that "the liver of General of the officials", the nature of hi Shunda, comfortable, long-term depression anger can lead to liver qi stagnation, stagnation of the fire, caused by physiological dysfunction; Modern research shows that: make people angry shortness of breath, blood sharp increase in the number of red blood cells, blood coagulation accelerating than normal, tachycardia, so that not only impede the health of the cardiovascular system, but also affect liver health. Some statistics: irritable people the possibility of coronary heart disease 6 times higher than the average person, the possibility of Huangan Bing 8 times higher than the average person. Hepatitis B patients must keep open-minded, emotionally full, optimistic, so as to alleviate pain, promote the enhancement of the immune system, and ultimately overcome the disease. 5. Taboo hither and indulgence. Over-indulgence is not only speed up blood circulation, shortness of breath, muscle tension, causing long-term cerebral cortex in the excited state, and Hao Shang strength, damage to liver and kidney, produce such as fatigue, backache Tuiruan, loss of appetite, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, forgetfulness and other complications had poor liver function basis for the hepatitis B patients, hither and indulgence is a ****. Unstable condition of chronic hepatitis, must be forbidden sexual intercourse; in the virus during the carrier state or stable disease patients should be actively controlling the frequency of life, in general, young people once a week, middle-aged two weeks time, Once a month late middle age is more appropriate, if after intercourse, there fatigue, backache, dizziness and other symptoms, it is timely to stop sex life. 6. Contraindications misuse drugs. Metabolism in the liver is the body's largest organ, all drugs should be decomposed in the liver, transformation, detoxification, metabolism, indiscriminate use of "liver ****" will certainly increase the burden of liver metabolism. In addition, a variety of drugs (Western ****) component of the complex, **** antagonism between the chemical and may cause liver damage worse. Long-term use of the **** itself may have some side effects, such as fatty liver will eventually produce, ****-induced liver fibrosis and even cirrhosis of the serious situation of hepatitis B patients with medication must be under the guidance of specialists in **** norms, principles of treatment are: Fewer but to safe and effective prevail. Be sure to go to regular hospital treatment, medication must be carried out under the guidance of specialists, all kinds of advertising, medical clinics, "clinic" medication should be calmly, not the best reference material: . html
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