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KK American pronunciation DJ British pronunciation KK phonetic symbols is an IPA, DJ phonetic symbols is one of them. KK phonetic symbols with the two American linguists JS Kenyan and TA Knott related. They are prepared according to the description of IPA pronunciation of American English Dictionary (A Pronouncing Dictionary of American English 1944, 1953) in the pronunciation symbols used is commonly known as KK phonetics. The DJ voice scientist with the British phonetic Daniel Jones related. He compiled a book under the IPA pronunciation of British English Dictionary English Pronouncing Dictionary (version 1 to version 12, the final version of the publication time of 1963). Some people mistakenly believe that IPA is the phonetic sound Note UK, and KK is the standard U.S. tones. IPA said that this argument as if the only sound to mark the United Kingdom, and the KK phonetic symbols that are not IPA. In fact, this is not correct. IPA, as its name, is designed to mark the pronunciation of the international languages, and many linguists to make partial changes to mark the International Phonetic Alphabet studied their language, so there are many kinds of IPA. KK phonetic symbols is an IPA, DJ phonetic symbols is one of them. But now, these two standards are outdated and out of date. Another British voice scientist AC Gimson (he was student Daniel Jones, the British professor of phonetics at University College London), the British English pronunciation made some amendments Dictionary (13th edition, 1977; 14th edition, 1988) make it more representative of the actual pronunciation. This comes from jinmonica - trainee magician two previous answers
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