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Japonica and indica rice What is the difference? Red rice in which category they belong to? 0 replies,2293 views

Rice, also known as rice, has early, middle and late of the points, South japonica temperature, hot red japonica japonica Chen, white Japonica Japonica cool. Rice porridge most dependents, young and old. People since ancient times, both as food as porridge, rice porridge, fragrant, distinctive flavor, Song Lu in the "food porridge" wrote: "the world learning all year round, come to their senses in the present for many years, I have Wanqiu plain law, only eat porridge an immortal. "rice in addition to porridge, the rice can be steamed, braised rice, making rice cakes. Rice is rich in starch, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins (B1, A, E) and trace elements. There Spleen Stomach, Bu Zhong Yi Qi, strong bones, long muscles, fat and internal organs through the blood, only diabetes, only Deficiency Xie Li and other effects. However, although delicious fine rice, but brown rice is better than good nutrition. ................................... Called glutinous rice, regular consumption of homemade food is one. Cephalostachyum its stick-slip, often used to make snacks, beloved. Chinese New Year many places the custom of eating rice cakes. By the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival is also made of glutinous rice flour. \u226E \u226F efficacy of vitamin B-rich rice, can warm the spleen and stomach, replenishing the gas. Deficiency of spleen and stomach, poor appetite, abdominal distension and diarrhea have a certain role in mitigation. Rice with astringent effect on the frequency of urination, spontaneous sweating a better therapeutic effect. \u226E \u226F for the general population can eat crowd. \u226E \u226F for the amount of 50 grams per meal. Special Note \u226F \u226E sticky foods should be eaten after heating. Eating too much rice should not be one. Health traffic lights \u226F \u226E of sticky rice, hard to digest, one should not eat too much, the elderly, children or more should be used with caution in patients. Both savory and sweet sticky rice cakes, and its content of carbohydrates and sodium are high, with diabetes, overweight, or other chronic diseases such as kidney disease, high cholesterol people enough is enough. .................................................. . glutinous rice of the viscous and difficult to digest, children or patients should be used with caution. Rice may be brewing, can steamed puddings, can be porridge, you can fried glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice balls to do. Rice porridge, nourish Stomach effect, it is a "sterile rice porridge is owned biochemical Shen Dan, glutinous rice porridge wonderful products for the warm stomach gas," said. Gramineae Japonica rice for the kernel, Ji Jin people eat rice and rice. Function of ancient physicians discussed a lot of rice, such as: Qi, just annoying, thirst, diarrhea, fill in, strong bones and muscles, the benefits of the stomach; Zhuzhi main heartache, thirst, heat toxin diarrhea; co Gorgon for porridge food, Zhi Qiang Yi Jing, ears and keen eyes. HARD rice less sticky, smells bitter, sweet, flat, non-toxic, Rupi and stomach. Song was saying: "rice to white rice for the first night, ... ... peace five internal organs, replenishing the Wei Qi, Mo catch its power." Ying-Ming Wang also said: "Japonica has early, middle and late closing three to late rice for the first . ... ... a natural grain, so the dependents, may of the students may not have died. Only then may the earth in the valley and of the gas, the power growth with good fortune, it is not something else comparable. "rice starch, protein, fat, and a small amount of B vitamins, the ingredients and the rice is similar, but slightly more phosphorus, and calcium less. Diet side choice: rice soup: rice 500 grams, water San Taiwan, cook six or seven boiling clothing. Heart soldier governance gas pain. Rice store supermarket selling rice is closely related to classification and the classification of rice. China and international markets is usually based on grain shape and grain quality into indica rice, rice, and glutinous rice categories. Are described as follows: (1) Department of indica indica rice with non-waxy indica rice known as indica rice made. Meters long and slender capsules or oblong shape, the elderly more than 7 mm in length, cooking a meal after the high rate of low viscosity, grain quality more brittle, easily broken during processing, Chengbian circular cross section, color white transparent more, there are translucent and opaque. According to rice harvest season, is divided into Early Indica Rice, and Wan Xianmi. Early Indica Rice tolerant and short grain, white, pink, white belly large, silty and more fragile and brittle, viscous than Wanxian Mi, of poor quality. Wanxian Mi slender and slightly flattened rice, fine organization, generally transparent or translucent, white belly smaller, more hard-plasmid, oily larger, better quality. In the international market, there are divided by the length of indica rice long grain rice and medium grain meters. Slender shape with long grain rice, length and width ratio is generally greater than 3, generally transparent or translucent white wax. Brittle, oily big, strong and tough but soft-boiled sticky, delicious taste and delicate, is the best one for quality indica rice. Bang production of Guangdong Province, Mew and the United States are the blue crown and other long-grain rice. Long grain rice in the form of a round, slightly hypertrophic than long grain rice, the aspect ratio between 2 to 3, usually translucent, white belly and more silty more loose after cooking, and eating more rough. Quality than long-grain rice. China's Hubei and Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Sichuan and other provinces are mostly produced in rice grain rice. Also is in the United States Qinai Si grain rice. According to Thai rice standard length is divided into specialty types of rice (7 mm), long (6.6 to 7 mm), medium (6.2 to 6.6 mm) and short (6.2 mm or less) 4. (2) Japonica rice rice is made of non-glutinous rice milled rice. Rice generally oval or circular. Rice full hypertrophy, nearly circular cross section, length and width ratio of less than 2, the color of white wax, was transparent or translucent, rigid and resilient texture, viscous oil after cooking are large, soft and delicious, but the meal rate low. According to harvest rice, divided into early and late japonica rice. Early rice translucent, white belly bigger, less hard-plasmid, grain quality is poor. Late rice white or waxy white, small white belly, hard plasmid and more good quality. Rice mainly in North China, Northeast and southern Jiangsu and other places. Well-known station meters, Shanghai white rice are all excellent rice. Lower yield than indica rice. (3), also known as glutinous rice glutinous rice, milky white, opaque, boiled transparent, viscous, expansion of small, generally do not do the staple food, the use of pastries, dumplings, the Lantern Festival, as well as raw materials for wine. Indica and japonica rice are also divided. Indica rice grain shape generally elongated oval or elongated, white opaque, there are translucent, sticky Japonica rice is generally oval-shaped, white opaque, there was a translucent, viscous, high quality in indica rice rice. The three kinds of rice to indica and japonica rice is particularly important, especially in the largest volume of trade indica rice. Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America to the main indica rice consumption, especially in the most popular long-grain rice. Japan, Korea, Italy and other countries people like to eat rice. Europe, both indica and japonica rice are spending. In the international market, but also according to the degree of processing and processing methods of rice, for rice have the following classification: (1) brown rice husk processed only after grinding to brown rice, brown rice is a complete fruit. General and subject to further processing of brown rice to eat. Brown rice trade is not. (2) to continue processing after brown rice, milled to the cortex and the embryo (ie, small bran), essentially leaving only the endosperm, which we usually eat rice or rice. Principal points of rice, the standard first-class, standard second, standard third of four levels. Means non-glutinous rice of Thailand rice milled to the processed rice husk. Consists of 100% A-level, 100% B grade, 100% C-level, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% (on), 25%, 35%, 45% in 11 levels. (3) parboiled rice parboiled rice is soaked in hot water, heated by steam and then make it dry, made by the milled rice. Parboiled rice with enhanced rigidity, a meter higher rate than ordinary rice; Valley skin nutrients into rice by flooding the internal and improve the nutritional value of rice; cooking easy, but is treated as rice, cream yellow, with oil smell, it is not generally accepted by consumers. (4) broken rice was crushed in the processing part, called the broken rice. Thai white broken rice and broken rice broken rice white points. Rice, rice, gloss, elastic, viscous medium. Indica rice, relatively speaking, some hard, sticky hearing. And rice related. Later than early rice cooking rice, delicious!
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