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IPS strongly recommended energy saving hard screen LCD TV ~ ~ ~ ~ Green Olympics concept in the energy consumption of large flat-panel television industry launched a wind energy-saving environmental protection, IPS hard-screen technology on the superior performance in energy conservation by upstream manufacturers of all ages. Industry experts pointed out that flat-panel TV CRT TV than the traditional power is much higher, especially in large-screen flat-panel TVs, the phenomenon of excessive energy consumption is very prominent. Some flat-panel TV manufacturers in the product material on the pains. Among the many innovative technologies, IPS hard-screen technology is being used more and more manufacturers to become the backbone of energy saving campaign. It is understood, IPS hard-screen technology is the world's most advanced liquid crystal display technology, is also in energy saving technologies is another major breakthrough. VA compared with the soft screen, IPS hard screen power consumption to decline further, more energy efficient than the latter is also more environmentally friendly. Hard-IPS LCD screen technology will be a creative arrangement of the molecular level, reducing the liquid crystal layer thickness, thus changing the light transmittance of the LCD screen. In addition, IPS screen hard drive using bipolar technology, the pixel aperture ratio increased by 25%. The increased transmission rate, IPS hardware used in the LCD TV screen can reduce the backlight power to achieve the energy saving effect. At the same time, as consumer durables, IPS theory of hard-screen LCD TV more than 70,000 hours service life in excess of the soft-screen LCD TV.
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