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Face yellow color, so there is no glory, may be a bad stomach, the skin may also be because of their own recycling, purification, and absorption of long-term functional result if not stay up late, lack of vitamins and other nutrients is a very natural look dim the http://shop . several causes yellowing of the skin 1, yellowing of the skin caused by food: carrots, pumpkin, orange juice, spinach, cabbage, mango and other fruits and vegetables rich in carotene, caused by excessive intake of carotene hyperlipidemia, resulting in yellowing of the skin, the palms, foot most obvious, followed by the face, ears, severe cases can affect the body skin. 2, ****-induced yellowing of the skin: long-term use of drugs with a yellow pigment, such as A flat, furans, also make the skin turn yellow. 3, poor circulation caused by yellowing of the skin: a direct impact on the liver blood, anger Wang or liver qi stagnation will easily form a blood barrier, affecting the facial blood circulation, skin naturally bleak. 4, sebum causes oily yellow skin: oily deposits on the skin surface, such as the old skin and dirt are not removed in time lead to yellowing of the skin. 5, the pigment of the skin caused by the accumulation of yellow: there is no effective clear color, yellowing of the skin caused by long-term accumulation. 6, yellowing of the skin caused by ultraviolet radiation: UV is a major **** of skin aging, it will make the texture confusion, poor blood circulation, accumulation of melanin, the skin yellowish. 7, long-term stay up late, lack of sleep cause yellowing of the skin: a result of staying up late and not enough time to sleep, liver and gallbladder will not get adequate rest, can be expressed as rough skin, dark spots, pale yellow and so on. 8, the accumulation of toxins caused by looking Huang: In the case of normal metabolism, the food people eat through the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, and finally excreted from the ****, the whole process is generally in the 12-24 hours to complete, so you can ensure that the waste does not stay too long in the intestine. Because exposure to the intestinal wall for too long, the waste will inevitably be re-absorbed by the body, causing the body poisoning. Although the body has such anti-virus function, fatigue, stress or other physiological reasons, can lead to metabolic dysfunction of human emergence, endocrine disorders, resulting in waste of human long-term stays in the body. This residual waste in the intestines began to decompose, colon bacteria break down the waste will continue to produce toxins. Re-absorption of toxins through the colon philosophy, constantly seeping polluting the environment in vivo, then enter the body via the blood circulation in different organs, which cause various diseases into the body, there memory loss, fatigue, sallow complexion, constipation, hemorrhoids, and endocrine disorders, obesity and so on. 9, chemical sensitivities caused by looking yellow: poor quality skin care products contain lead, mercury and other harmful chemicals and helps the skin yellow and blue. 10, yellow complexion caused by air pollution: urban air pollution, toxins accumulate epidermis, can not properly excluded, so that the skin turn yellow. 11, yellow complexion due to lack of exercise: long-term lack of exercise. Metabolism of the body and slow down the cycle of the skin, resulting in excessive accumulation of body waste emissions. Yellow skin has its roots. Some are caused because of unhealthy habits, and some may be organic problems. According to the clinical study, 80% of skin problems are related to the liver, spleen, kidney dysfunction related. Such as: direct impact on the liver blood, anger Wang or liver qi stagnation will easily form a blood barrier, affecting the facial blood circulation, skin natural luster; spleen governs digestion, absorption, if the spleen, the absorption of nutrients in food and energy will be converted impact. Yellow skin, long spot will be followed; ancient medical speak "black kidneys" means kidney will cause color black, yellow. Therefore, you should cause diagnosed according to its own remedy, regulating endocrine, this is the key to improving the skin. Heart of beauty in everyone. Beauty and diet are very closely linked. Daily life than the food supply of many essential nutrients, but also with beauty, skin care and beauty. Some of the food if supplemented with the role of skin care ****, take **** in the nature, the taste of food, **** efficacy can be made of both, and a special **** delicious food. If long-term consumption, make your skin beautiful, appearance is not the old, youthful glow. In this special presentation made several cosmetic and family law medicated for readers use. First, the dates Chrysanthemum porridge: jujube 50 grams, 100 grams of rice stems, chrysanthemum 15 grams, together into the pot and add some water, congee porridge cook until thick, into the amount of brown sugar to taste food. This side has blood and spleen, Liver eyesight of the effect, long-term consumption could face ruddy complexion, play a health prevention, Totale beauty. Second, the real beauty of lotus soup: lotus 30 grams, 30 grams Gorgon, barley rice, 50 grams of dried longan meat 10 grams, amount of honey, first lotus seed, Gorgon fruit, barley rice soaked with water for 30 minutes, then dried longan meat into the pot with within the overripe boil the mixture gently flavored with honey for human consumption. Dabu strength longan meat, lotus seeds Spleen Stomach, barley rice, Gorgon for the spleen and Water of the product. According to modern pharmacological research Gorgon beauty must contain vitamin A, C, B, honey contains collagen proteins and enzymes and other substances, can stimulate the growth of skin cells, promote metabolism; This soup is an ideal of beauty Diet, regular consumption of a elimination of wrinkles, soft white skin. Third, the blood soup beauty: Bow River 3 grams, 6 grams of angelica, safflower 2 grams, 4 grams Huang, stems 100 grams of rice, chicken soup taste. Wash the rice, water immersion; angelica, Sichuan bow, Huang sliced to fit into a small bag of clean, put tile total of the pot and add chicken broth concoction boiled, and then stems into the concoction of rice porridge . When a thick porridge cooked add green onion, salt, ginger seasoning food. This porridge with blood circulation of qi, nourishing the effect of blood; women often eat to regulate menstruation blood, Totale beauty, day 1, 15 days for treatment. Fourth, beauty tea: ginger 500 grams, 250 grams of black tea, salt, 100 grams, 150 grams licorice, clove 25 grams, **** 25 grams of crude at the end and even beaten back. Each
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