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Blast furnace burden calculation (burdeningcalculationofblastfurnace) fuel in a given condition and refining the original parameters to determine the course of the blast furnace pig iron smelting unit ****, ore, flux consumption and the ratio calculations. Can be determined by calculating the amount of consumption and output of blast furnace gas quantity and composition and the quantity and composition. The result is the production of blast furnace design and operation of an important basis. Calculated according to use into the normal ingredients, furnace burden calculation, and calculation of the daily change material 3. The data obtained by calculating the normal ingredients and their uses are: (1) unit of the original fuel consumption of pig iron, for loading equipment, material transportation system and adjacent plant capacity provide the basis for the design and equipment selection; (2) wind, for the fan selection and air supply systems (including hot air furnace and air supply piping, valves, etc.) provide the basis for the design; (3), pig iron and slag from smelting composition and quantity of iron slag processing system to provide the basis for the design and testing of slag from performance meets the smelting requirements; (4) the amount and composition of produced gas for gas dust removal system and the gas balance of the plant design basis; (5) ore, **** and flux consumption, etc., for the blast furnace when they are put into normal operation after the ratio of the material provide the basis for batch. Furnace burden calculation is used for the loading blast furnace blast furnace. Furnace cool because when the lining, nor the lower part of slag iron stove, so opened the **** charge higher than normal materials. 1000m3 blast furnace **** for the 2.0 ~ 3.5t / t pig iron; 500 ~ 1000m3 blast furnace **** for the 2.5 ~ 4.0t / t pig iron; 350m3 blast furnace **** for the 3.0 ~ 6.0t / t pig iron. General is based on the normal ingredients, plus the net with an empty **** **** and methods to increase the ****; net **** furnace **** installed, install empty **** bosh above (with the melting of **** needed dose of slagging, but no iron charge), the furnace above the waist begin to reduce the number of empty **** and **** with the empty part of the normal interval to load material, up the gradual increase in the proportion of normal material, has been the transition to the furnace to be fitted upon the Department of the normal material (see blast furnace) . Material change in the calculation of blast furnace production process changes in the charge, iron smelting parameters variations and other changes on one or a few changes in the calculation of partial charge (see blast furnace operation). Blast furnace burden calculation methods and simple calculation of the joint calculation of two categories. Calculation of the former Soviet Union combined Ram (A. H. PaMM), Professor in the mid-20th century, created 30, 30 years later in the technological progress as the blast furnace, were a number of improvements. This method of **** pig iron smelting units, ore, flux and other consumption are as unknown, with a combined solution to a small amount of elemental iron and manganese balance equations, equilibrium equations and the slag forming oxides calculated from the heat balance equation. The general form of balance equation: According to the iron content of iron balance equation: or abbreviated according to basicity of the slag forming oxides balance equation: According to some oxide content of slag in the balance equation: above all balance equation e theory of the charge for a variety of iron, kg / kg (ie 1kg of pig iron output of some theoretical amount of charge); for free alkaline oxide, under the requirements of the slag basicity, the burden of excess or insufficient alkaline oxides, kg / kg; to reach the required iron content of the element, it's redundant in a variety of charge or not quantitative, k / kg; generally, and so on; the requirements of the oxides in the slag to reach the required content, it is used in a variety of charge in the amount of excess or deficiency, kg / kg; generally mean, and so on; for the equivalent of heat or heat equivalent, expressed in the blast furnace charge withstand 1kg all necessary physical and chemical changes The "translation" heat consumption, kJ / kg; for **** and jet fuels, they consume less than the conversion of heat energy given combustion, so that they are converted to heat within the furnace. Calculate the balance of material properties of the material properties of the equation () and heat equivalent () can be based on the chemical composition of materials and the smelting of known or selected parameter calculation. (1) theory the iron where Fe, Mn, P, V to the corresponding elements in the material in the content, if only small amounts, in order to simplify the calculations can be ignored, such as Mn, P, V, etc. for the corresponding elements recovery, in general, for the corresponding elements in the iron content of the provisions. (2) theory the amount of slag, where SiO2, Al2O3. . . As the corresponding oxides and elements in the content of the charge, kg / kg; \u6E2DMn, \u6E2DFe element into the corresponding amount of slag produced \u6E2DMn = 0.2 or so, threatened \u6E2DFe = 0.003 ~ 0.005; \u8801 for the volatilization of sulfur from 0.1 to 0.15 ; coefficient; 0.5 is to consider the formation of CaS CaO into the gas when the oxygen is equal to half the mass of sulfur. (3) Free alkali oxides. With the ingredients that the calculation of different methods of slag basicity, the calculation methods are different. According to the regulations: the binary basicity; three yuan alkalinity; slag (CaO) + (MgO) content. (4) or less than the corresponding amount of extra elements. . (5) or less than the corresponding amount of excess oxides. . . Energy equivalent is calculated from the first blast furnace ironmaking process of general heat balance equation derived: where qC combustion of carbon released in the air before the effective heat reduction process for the indirect oxidation of CO effective CO2 emitted heat,; qCi C direct reduction process for the oxidation of CO release and effective heat for the H2 reduction of iron oxide is also released when the oxidation of H2O as the effective heat of carbon dissolved in the molten iron with the heat value of 33410kJ/kgC; C, Ci, Cd, C . Were fixed charge containing carbon, indirect reduction and direct reduction of carbon consumption and consumption of pig iron carbon carburizing, kg / kg feed, H2i amount of indirect reduction of consumption of H2, m3/kg material; z for the heat loss, all heat loss equivalent to 1kg of carbon fraction, this value is generally 0.10 ~ 0.15; Q0 is the effective thermal smelting unit consumption of pig iron, which consists of oxide decomposition, desulfurization, carbonate decomposition, the enthalpy of slag and molten iron and other components, kJ / kg material; v wind, v of coal, for the air before the combustion lkg carbon consumption of air flow and produce the gas volume, m3/kgC; C, CCO, CCO2CH2, CH2O were the wind, CO, CO2, H2 and H2O, heat capacity, kJ / m3 \u9229? t wind, t, respectively, for the hot gas and top gas temperature, \u9229? In the calculation of a variety of charge, the solutions of simultaneous equations can be derived ****, ore and flux and other consumption. Joint scientific and strict calculation method, but tedious calculation, early Professor Ram calculation designed for this purpose a special form, with the development of computer technology in recent years, has prepared this software into the joint calculation method can be done quickly on a computer computing to solve complicated the pain. Calculate the amount of slag and slag slag from the charge components of various reduction and does not restore the remaining small amount of sulfur oxides and composition, in particular with CaF2 and other mineral smelting Shihai. You can also use \u6E2D = \u5371n\u6E2Dn checked. Type in "charge for the production of a variety of unit consumption of pig iron 1t, kg / t; CaOn, MgOn, Al2O3, etc. for each charge in the CaO, MgO, Al2O3 ... and other content; S expected to charge into the blast furnace of total sulfur, kg / t; \u8804 as volatile sulfur fraction; [S] to enter the pig iron sulfur; i0 to be "tons" converted to "kilograms" and expressed as a percentage of the conversion factor;. " The theory of the charge for a variety of slag. Calculate the amount of slag and slag composition, the use of slag desulfurization capacity test method (see blast furnace desulfurization) of the slag from checking to see if it can meet the desulfurization requirements. Pig iron by smelting process accounts component elements of the selected distribution rate parameters of accounting [Fe], [-Mn], [P], [V] and so on, and then add the originally selected [Si], [S] and [C] sum should be 1000kg. Carbon balance of air volume calculations obtained by burning carbon air before the wind C, and then calculate the air before the combustion of 1kg of carbon required air volume V wind. Is the product of both pig iron smelting unit air volume consumption of air V air = C v wind, m3 / t.
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