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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of comparative advertising about advertising advantages outweigh the disadvantages of comparative advertising, we need to define what is comparative advertising. Comparative advertising, English is the comparative advertising, sometimes translated as comparative advertising, competitive advertising. The basic meaning of comparative advertising is a form of advertising to advertisers through their company, products or services and the competitors of the company, product or service or a particular aspect of a comprehensive comparison of the ads. I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of comparative advertising, the first to compare the ads to attract the attention of consumers. For advertising purposes, causing the consumer's attention is the completion of the final purchase of the first step. A prerequisite for attracting attention to the sale of the product smooth paved road. However, to achieve the success of advertising to attract consumers is to determine whether one of the factors of success. Therefore, the comparative advantages of advertising relative to other forms of advertising also visible. Secondly, for the vulnerable products, comparative advertising can be a strong brand in the same market linked, so that "Uterus" effect. For example, Yangshengtang promoting "farmer spring," mineral water, there was a use of comparative advertising, the TV ad shot Narcissus Posts pure water and mineral water in direct contrast to the nutritional value. The Lord Chancellor is fighting back, by contrast goldfish Posts television ads attacking vulnerable to contamination of mineral water. Thus, pure water, mineral water dispute quickly became the media focus, the result, "the farmer spring" in the water market, the sudden emergence of a water industry upstart, by virtue of the broad participation of the media, education, drinking water market, the market quickly, rapidly expand market share . This is weak in terms of brand advertisers, with less money to do the best possible publicity publicity, the fastest increase their visibility, also illustrates the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of comparative advertising. Third, comparative advertising is conducive to fight against competitors, and promote sales of enterprise products. Comparative advertising for their products to strongly promote their own advantages, making consumers pay attention to product benefits while ignoring its deficiencies, to receive a favor. Calcium, such as World War II in 2000, three crystalline calcium gluconate stressed that it is prepared for children, the growth of calcium in their composition. Comparison with competitors, and more fully demonstrate the advantages of their product or service is superior. At the same time to attack the weaknesses of the competitors, so that consumers have a more clear contrast to the impression that the advantages of their products will have to redouble their cognitive effects. Fourth, comparative advertising is conducive to the product brand positioning. Promote their own in the true advantages of the competitors at the same time, it has the brand positioning systems analysis, and through market segmentation, the advantages of publicity, to build its own brand characteristics. In the minds of consumers and establish a distinctive brand image, which distinguishes it from similar products, will make the products have the characteristics of market segments to attract segments of the consumer groups. Therefore, in comparative advertising, brand positioning has also been fully reflected. More advertisers for purposes of comparative advertising, for consumers, comparative advertising is more good than harm. First, the comparative advertising so that consumers easy access to the required product quality, price, performance, service and other aspects of quality information. In the product selection, according to their needs rational choice. Second, comparative advertising could boost who are being compared, the quality of their products and services improved. As the saying goes, "No competition, no progress", the market will promote healthy competition to improve the product, continuous improvement to meet consumer demand. Of course, there are some disadvantages of comparative advertising, competition and likely to cause malicious harm to competitors, consumers have the potential boredom and resentment, and touch on legal issues. However, legal and appropriate comparative advertising, in its trade-offs under the advantages are obvious. Therefore, the application of comparative advertising should take caution. All in all, comparative advertising is a "double-edged ****", how can use it freely on their own and produce the best interests of consumers is the key. In the legal context, good use of comparative advertising can become a tool to carry out market competition. The benefits of comparative advertising and other forms of advertising in terms of relative advantage are far greater than its disadvantages. This is what I call comparative advertising is more good than harm. Speaking of advertising, is in our lives every day to see and hear things, is simply pervasive, you can in the newspaper, television, Web site to see all kinds of ads. Both the benefits of advertising, there are disadvantages. The following benefits before it is said he. The first benefit is: advertising can give us a lot of information. Today's society is information society, there is no information, people will not get the message, will be left behind. And some brand-name goods, quality is indeed better, I did not read the ad will know that one of the brand. For example, there are job advertisements in newspapers, many people are reading this ad, only to candidates and to find a job. The second advantage is that it: sometimes a pleasure to see ads is advertising in a short time frame for each player, are crafted out of. Celebrities hero is to see these ads, you can see the elegance of these stars do. Of course, there are many disadvantages of advertising. For example: First, many ads are of no use to us, or we do not need. Such as our e-mailbox, you can receive dozens of letters every day spam. We must promptly delete them, or our mailbox will explode. Secondly, advertising is sometimes not true, some of the ads too much exaggeration, read this ad, on people with "misleading" role. For example, a weight loss **** ads, said how much the weight loss **** effect, and can actually only played a little role to help digestion or excretion, and there is no effect, and even some side effects. Manufacturers in order to achieve their own economic interests, to seize the psychology of consumers exaggerated false propaganda against the interests of consumers. see, I hope for your help!
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