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Described Kobelco SK320-6-type crawler hydraulic excavators and Ingersoll-Rand (INGERSOLL-RAND) VI1200 hydraulic hammer analysis of the reasonableness of the configuration and modification, using the required attention. Configure modified to use a hydraulic hammer Introduction I purchased two companies in 2001 Kobelco SK320-6-type crawler excavator, worked in (North) Zhuhai (sea) highway, open (flat) Yang (River) Highway such as construction and made good use of the benefits. In order to achieve a machine, better play the machine for earthwork construction, the solid rock, plays solid rock crushing operations and road reconstruction in the old cement concrete pavement on the old role of crushing operations, the company is one of the hydraulic mining machine configuration hydraulic hammer. Hydraulic hammer is the impact of hydraulic vibration device, also known as breaker and so on. It is mainly used in engineering rock, reinforced concrete, asphalt concrete pavement and hard objects such as old buildings were broken, drilling, demolition and other operations. After analysis and comparison of technical personnel, the decision by the United States Ingersoll-Rand (INGERSOLL-RAND) VI1200 hydraulic hammer, hydraulic hammer is used when the following analysis and modification of hydraulic oil through the required attention. 2 excavator with hydraulic hammer the rational allocation of 2.1 excavators and hydraulic hammer theory of the rational allocation of excavators and hydraulic hammer according to the rational allocation can play better efficiency hydraulic hammer, hydraulic hammer and excavator to ensure life. Excavator operator generally from the mass ratio factor, the installation of hydraulic hammer spare output flow and pressure valves and hydraulic hammer is the work flow and pressure consistent with other aspects of consideration. (1) Excavator weight ratio coefficient operating ratio factor = (weight \u00D7 excavator hydraulic hammer work surface maximum operating radius) / (weight \u00D7 crawler excavator machine operation is about half the distance between the outside) If the ratio is calculated small than 0.3, indicating a small selection of the hydraulic hammer, hydraulic hammer quickly lead to damage: If the ratio is greater than 0.5, indicating a large selection of hydraulic hammer effect which affect their play. (2) Work flow and pressure of the selected hydraulic hammer, pay attention to the flow of hydraulic hammer excavator spare valve requirements and match the output flow. Flow and hydraulic hammer impact is proportional to the number, the flow is too small not achieve the desired objectives. However, the amount of traffic, the hydraulic system would produce too much heat, causing the oil temperature is too high, reducing the service life of hydraulic hammer. Also, the work test filter pressure hydraulic hammer spare valves limit the pressure match. If not match, the valve should be adjusted in the range of spare hydraulic hammer according to the rated pressure to adjust. 2.2 excavators, hydraulic hammers related technical parameters of 2.2.1 Kobelco SK320-6-type crawler excavator technical parameters (see Table 1) Table 1, Kobelco SK320-6 crawler excavator Specifications Click here to see all news Photo 2.2.2 Ingersoll-Rand (INGERSOLL-RAND) VI1200 hydraulic hammer technology parameters (see Table 2) Table 2 Ingersoll-Rand (INGERSOLL-RAND) VI1200 2.3 configure technical parameters of hydraulic hammer demonstration (1) the quality of machine operation ratio coefficient Kobelco SK320-6-type crawler excavator with hydraulic hammer configuration, calculated by the ratio of coefficients: (1601 \u00D7 11) / (33300 \u00D7 3.2 / 2) = 0.32 description of this configuration is reasonable. (2) Work flow, pressure and Kobelco SK320-6-type crawler hydraulic excavator working body of the hydraulic flow 250L/min than Ingersoll-Rand (INGERSOLL-RAND) VI1200 hydraulic hammer flow range (minimum : 120L/min, maximum: 170L/min); SK320-6-type hydraulic excavator crawler body system pressure 385kgf/cm2, more than VI1200 hydraulic hammer requirements. Analysis can be seen from the configuration, Kobelco SK320-6-type hydraulic excavator crawler work flow and pressure of hydraulic hammer with the Ingersoll Rand VI1200 work flow, the pressure is not consistent. However, considering the quality of machine operation and the ratio of coefficients is a reasonable model Kobelco SK320-6 crawler excavator work flow and pressure are higher than the hydraulic hammer work flow, pressure, so you can type in the SK320-6 system with VI1200 between the installation of pressure reducing valve, that the system be modified to reduce the pressure to achieve. 3, the modified hydraulic system Hydraulic System 3 3.1 conversion process converted the oil flow hydraulic system shown in Figure 1 Figure 1, the process of hydraulic system to be modified to note 3.2 (1) The general excavator in the factory only with standby valve, pilot control system must be oil from the pipeline (after the safety lock valve) plus three joints leads to pressure on oil, and then stand by a solenoid valve control valve. (2) If the excavator in the factory is not equipped with a valve, need to be in SK320-6 and VI1200 systems installed valve. (3) back to the oil pressure is too high will reduce the impact of the hydraulic hammer, hydraulic hammer in order to minimize the fuel back pressure, making it directly back to the filter return pipe passing through the hydraulic **** (not by the spare valve.) (4) In order to facilitate the replacement of the bucket, hydraulic hammer close to the pipeline should be fitted with valves. Should pay attention to install piping to prevent debris into the hydraulic system, drill rod and fittings to clean, hose shall not be reversed. (5) hydraulic excavator hammer when installing from the distribution pipes and accessories. 3.3 The need to pay attention when using 3.3.1 correct operation of the correct operation of the hydraulic hammer can improve operational efficiency, and extend the service life of excavators and hydraulic hammer. Operation should note the following: (1) hydraulic hammer drill rod has been broken with the vertical surface, solder broken objects of being pressed. Broken immediately after the stop hydraulic hammer, to prevent air play. (2) When the crushing hard objects in particular, should start tapping the edge of the beginning, not a continuous hammering at the same point more than a minute to prevent burning of drill rod or hydraulic oil overheating. (3) rotary excavator Do not let Rod run into other objects, not the other heavy lifting with hydraulic hammer. (4) when operating in water only to drill rods submerged in water. If you really need all the submerged hydraulic hammer work, need to use special underwater hydraulic hammer. Role in a timely manner after cleaning, cleaning. 3.3.2 Maintenance of hydraulic hammer as very poor working conditions, proper maintenance can reduce the incidence of failure, extend equipment life. In addition to the regular maintenance of excavators, we must also note the following. (1) Check the clearance drill rod with bushings and see if there is hydraulic oil leaking. If oil leakage, indicating low oil seepage seal is damaged, repair personnel should be invited to replace. (2) Check the relevant bolt is loose, the pin of the connection if there is not normal wear and tear. (3) working class Lubrication points plus at least two grease. (4) using a hydraulic hammer hydraulic oil deterioration and pollution than the average bucket operations much faster, should be half the normal replacement cycle to replace the hydraulic system oil filter cartridge. 3.4 The effect of the use modified immediately after conversion into the southern section of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway Guangdong gravel road marked 31,32 crushing of raw materials production, successfully completed the task nearly 60 Articles materials decompose, break down tasks so that the material than the original plan to use Blasting + artificial advance in recent months to complete, nearly three million yuan to save money. 4 Conclusion Kobelco SK320-6-type crawler hydraulic excavators and Ingersoll-Rand (INGERSOLL-RAND) VI1200 modified hydraulic hammer supporting the actual use of good. For the construction company to win the tight time and reduce costs. Visible, hydraulic excavators and hydraulic hammer supporting modification must be carefully analyzed, only a reasonable allocation of the greatest potential to play a hydraulic hammer, in the course of in strict accordance with the provisions of the operating manual to operate. The only way to ensure the rational use of the hydraulic hammer, hydraulic excavator truly a machine, so as to project a better service.
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