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Customer complaints frequently encountered problems in the office, therefore, how to effectively deal with complaints is also the problem of the current problems in various industries. To grasp the method for handling customer complaints, no matter under what kind of censure or criticism, should be modestly educated, sincere treatment, even if more stringent of the blame, too, must not appear to argue the case with the client. The initial complaint before saying that, after listening to complaints from the other end still say I'm sorry. No matter who is wrong, bring convenience to customers or unhappy, you need to apologize. No matter what kind of customer complaint issues, should be considered the complaint is to give yourself the opportunity to explain misunderstandings. The person responsible for handling customer complaints must be trained in time to calm down each other's emotions, feelings resolved first, and then resolve the matter. Briefly and calmly make the appropriate explanation, and instructions given the opportunity to thank each other. Consumer complaints because of the hotel's services and management levels and consumer demand and expectations due to inconsistencies. Complaint is to serve a very important follow-up contact services, the hotel must be taken seriously and deal with complaints, to restore the reputation of service failure caused the loss. The following main points: 1, understanding the importance of enterprise complaint many hotels afraid to lodge complaints, to avoid complaints. But in fact the complaint is to the enterprise customers the opportunity to correct mistakes. Many customers are not satisfied with the service of complaints not taken the practice of patronage, and even told friends and relatives do not patronize. This makes the hotel can not have the opportunity to correct mistakes, never lost the guests. 2, to understand the motives of different customer complaints, customer complaints to come to harbor a different purpose. Some for economic reasons, want financial compensation; some psychological reason for the hope that through the complaint to seek psychological balance, to meet their own care can be treated with respect and psychological needs. 3, to provide to meet the purpose of the compensatory services, customer complaints, customer complaints in the hotel, the hotel should be addressing the following aspects: Listen carefully to tell the customer, remain calm; compassion, understanding, comfort the guests, to apologize to the guests; to the guests to adequate attention; attention to the process of inquiry, recording key points; propose solutions to problems specific measures to compensate the customer, or even over-compensation; the time required to solve problems, customer complaints, feeling very anxious, for small problems, front-line staff can be solved For big problems, but also must have a channel to transmit information rapidly, so that the right to deal with those who came to the scene quickly to solve the problem, in short, the fastest speed possible to solve the problem; tracking and urge the implementation of remedial measures. Complaints are resolved, the hotel also should be tracked, in case any customers not satisfied with, but also to remedy.
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