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Frequently used computer 1G, 1MB, 1KB, 1pbs, respectively, mean? What is the relationship between them? 0 replies,385 views

I also came along for the ride, and I see is: 1G = 1024M and 1G = 1000M are right. Look there for the standard, we bought the town from the computer disk is absolutely no U-128M 128M, 256M memory is only 224M, it is because using 1M = 1000K, 1G = 1000M count standards, and the computer is to use 1G = 1024MB , 1M = 1024KB, 1K = 1024byte (bytes), 1yte = 8bit (digital) standard, so the usual practice that the 256M memory only 224M! look! Sina 1G mailbox in fact only 1000M. The standard is also a 1G = 1000M! B is the byte (byte) stands, so who Xiongtai wrong, right, bps: bytepersecond (bytes per second) transfer speed unit. Second: There are bits that are 16 bytes of a character that had won, accounting for 2 bytes of it! (Ie 16), each accounting for one-byte characters (ie 8 bits). T, G, M, K, Byte, bit. Is the capacity of units. The standards of computer: 1T = 1024G1G = 1024M1M = 1024K1k = 1024Byte1Byte = 8bitbit (bit) is the smallest unit of capacity, but also refers to the arithmetic unit word length that is parallel processing ALU 2 binary digits, or input and output interfaces parallel input 2 binary digit output. Should be 1bps 1pbs mentioned it, is 1bytepersecond (1 byte per second) acronym, is the basic unit of transmission rate. Second, there kbps (kilobytes per second) mbps (megabytes per second), etc. -
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