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Humen in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, south of the town covers an area of 175 square kilometers, the resident population of 11 million people, the immigrant population of 53 million people. Since opening its first processing enterprises in 1978, since the rapid development of Humen's clothing industry, to the late 80s in the garment business in Humen of more than 600 businesses. Humen is currently the major domestic garment production base, the size of the town with more than 1,000 garment factories, where more than 300 foreign investors, more than 600 private manufacturers, the other weaving, dyeing, embroidery, zippers and other supporting factories nearly one hundred . While in the development of garment production, Humen in recent years become a national famous clothing wholesale center, the town has 18 professional clothing wholesale and retail shopping centers, business clothing shops up to 8,600 homes. In the clothing wholesale to the downside in mid-and women-based, annual sales exceed 100 billion yuan. Enriching the major wholesale markets are commercial buildings, Huanghe Fashion City, Longquan Commercial Square, Lane Crawford fashion wholesale shopping mall, Kimberly fashion wholesale shopping mall, Broadway Shopping Centre, a new era, and Kimberly. Humen's clothing product marketing, and export markets include Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, as far away as Europe and America and so on. Humen clothing market with the support of the shipping company has more than 30 to facilitate the customers by land, sea and air shipments to the country. Overall, Humen wholesale market to the domestic brands, compared with the famous clothing brands including pure, fox spirit, pine eagle, the Bell Shakespeare, Hsuan Ni, Xia Cher, Kam of Columbia and the name of product and so on. In addition, in order to promote the town's garment industry, Humen held from 2096 onwards Humen China (International) Fashion Fair. The main venue for 2001 more than 600 booths, the total number of admission of 60 million, the total turnover of 20.2 billion yuan. Humen town major shopping centers Description: Fumin Commercial Building completed in November 1993 with the enriching commercial buildings, Humen Town Management Committee under the Government of the Commonwealth of individual enterprises is also important clothing wholesale market in Humen. People rich covers an area of 13,000 m2 Commercial Building, height of 9 floors with a total construction area of 4.5 million square meters, a total of 1,282 shops, the 6 sets of escalators. Rotating on and off the mall design to facilitate the wholesalers and buyers of all freight car shop free shuttle dealings. According to information provided by commercial buildings and enriching the people, the fashion city of more than 500 million each year in traffic, the transaction amounted to 30 billion yuan. In addition to distribution of the provinces and cities outside source, the goods are exported to Japan, South Korea, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries. Commercial Building and enriching the people sold clothing to the lower midrange and file-based, women's apparel and casual wear category to the majority. Humen town of some famous brands have set up shop in enriching the people, such as "plain", "fox spirit", "Eagle Song," "Shakespeare the Bell" and many other brands. After years of operation, enriching some commercial source has been established, regular customers will belong directly to the factory shop pick. Enriching the monthly rent of commercial buildings is about 200 yuan per square meter, the flow active, enriching impressive sales of commercial buildings and some shops in lower demand. It is said by the location of the shop again after the sublease, the rent increased by several times, and Hand for RMB millions of dollars at every turn. Management units: Humen Fumin Service Address: Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, No. 24, Silver Dragon Road Zip: Huanghe Fashion City is located in Humen, Dongguan City, the central business district of the Huanghe Fashion City, is a subsidiary of the Yellow River Group of the development and management. Fashion City are an integral part of the Yellow River, including the Yellow River Center Building, 56-storey, two 28-story residential and commercial buildings and 9 floor area of over 118,000 square meters of large mall. In Humen, Huanghe Fashion City of the more innovative and modern building design. Compared with the general wholesale and retail markets, Huanghe Fashion City of interior decoration can be compared with the new department store, and manage than the shop tidy. Huanghe Fashion City to the fourth floor of a large fashion wholesale center, a total of 1,400-odd shops. Fashion sales to mid-range-based, many types, including casual wear, men suits, women suits and children's clothing and so on. In the wholesale business, the shop is mainly used to negotiate and do business model room, but also concurrently retail. Yellow River Group and the Hong Kong King High Ltd, the Huanghe Fashion City of fourth floor opened into the city of Hong Kong fashion, brand focused on high quality business. Hong Kong fashion brands operated by the city, including from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia and the United States. For example, JMT (Hong Kong), Brother Brother (Taiwan), Furutani Hui (Japan) and the fox spirit (the Mainland) and so on. In addition to the wholesale and retail apparel, the Huanghe Fashion City also operates wholesale and retail other products, such as boutique, footwear, cosmetics, jewelry and toys. Huanghe Fashion City has supermarkets, restaurants, bowling alleys and fashion field and other service facilities. Huanghe Fashion City of the flow is good and the average daily traffic of about 20,000 people. The annual China Humen (International) Fashion Fair held in Huanghe Fashion City. Management units: Huanghe Fashion City Ltd Address: Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Humen Port Road, other clothing wholesale market: Humen Fumin Fashion City Humen Fumin Underwear City Humen Humen Fumin Jinhui Longquan City Commercial Square Kids Humen Humen, Lane Crawford fashion a new era of shopping malls fashion boutiques fashion shopping mall Humen Humen Humen New Wave era of the fashion business center shopping mall Fashion Island Beverley Humen Humen Humen Broadway hundreds of shopping malls Humen Fashion Yongfeng Shoes City, Humen Humen Yulon clothing wholesale children's clothing shopping mall, wholesale clothing shopping Humen Humen large Ying Great Eastern Ying Humen International Fashion Trade City Shopping Centre, Tianhe City Humen Humen Li Wing New World City International women shoe leather Humen Fumin Leather Market, Humen Fumin Leather Market, Humen Cloth Market, Humen Humen International Cloth Trade Center, Humen Cloth Market, wealth distribution Huacheng Taixing cloth material market Humen Fumin Leather Market, Humen Hiromi accessories fabric accessories business center of Humen, Hongfa Cloth accessories market Paradise
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