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Papaya can be eaten the morning empty stomach it? 0 replies,6531 views

Eat the fruit is golden morning, lunch is silver, bronze at night to eat the fruit becomes the people living in dietary vitamin a and c of the main sources. Fruit pectin contained in dietary fiber has a role, while also maintaining acid-base balance of fruit and electrolyte balance indispensable. Expert analysis, Yellow Gold is said in other words the highest nutritional value of the morning to eat fruit, eat fruit nutritional value at the minimum. The reason is that when the supply in early glycogen depletion of the brain, then eat the fruit, add sugar as soon as possible. And in the morning to eat fruit, a variety of vitamins and nutrients easily absorbed. Autumn dry climate, often people feel the nose, throat dry and discomfort. Then if we can eat thirst, throat go dry fruit, make people feel a cool and comfortable. But from the digestion point of view, people should not have the stomach to eat fruit fasting morning. Choose to eat should pay attention to the time of fruit is not particularly good to eat that morning, is particularly bad at night to eat. No problem can be seen the morning to eat papaya, but you make it clear that fasting or eating breakfast
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