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Warehouse document flow process of a product Jincang manufacturers shipping documents after arrival process, manufacturers provide a "delivery note" to the receiving warehouse, warehouse keeper, "delivery receipts" should clearly show the name of the delivery unit and delivery unit seal Signature or handling of goods in the name, size, quantity, purchase order number (sofa). Receiving Warehouse workers will be "delivery note" and corresponding "purchase order" phase matching. Phase of nuclear inconsistent rejected. Warehouse workers are consistent with the "delivery note" and "Purchase Order" acceptance of goods, receiving large orders in a timely manner with the business contact, may notify the excess only after receiving permission. After receiving correct warehouse management staff, in the "delivery note" on the sign, a joint retention, and the rest to pay the other party. Members of the warehouse on the computer billing issue "purchase orders", the "shopping list" to print a quintuplicate, by the warehouse keeper to sign the purchase order to be effective. Inspection the quality of the products, need to "arrive the feedback form" to the business of follow-up. The first copy is retained, the second financial joint (in conjunction with the delivery unit of the "delivery note" the Finance), third business together, the fourth joint warehouse billing Alliance The fifth joint repair products warehouse back to the warehouse, to correspond to the "procurement return single" as the basis for receiving, billing staff to verify correct invoice issued on the computer after the "purchase return orders," stated the original "purchase return single," No, and signed into effect by the warehouse keeper . Second, the products out of warehouse receipts, according to process a single member of the reservoir area open to the transfer under the Ministry of distribution, and the Ministry of Finance signed by the responsible person "sales list", issue a warehouse receipt in five out of joint (first copy is retained, Allied Capital II, third business together, the fourth joint warehouse billing Alliance, the fifth joint Warehouse Union), confirmed the accuracy of the warehouse receipt and the signature is passed to the tube members. Warehouse workers out of warehouse receipts, the items listed under the contents of each check, inventory, stocking, and neatly placed in various spaces. Confirm the accuracy of the warehouse receipt after the warehouse receipt to sign and pass out to the specified location. Warehouse workers coordination, supervision of the Ministry of installers check the product distribution (type, quantity, fragile goods, inspection).
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