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What is a dual-brand strategy Edit this paragraph refers to dual-brand strategy is a product set in a primary a two brand strategy. Main brands include enterprises in which a number of products, while setting different to each sub-brand product to sub-brand to highlight the image of the personality of different products. Taiwan's Ting Hsin Group launched as Master Kong - Little Tigers of instant noodles, this strategy is the Master Kong the publicize the first well-known brand, the gold standard and can attract consumers to pay more attention to advertisements. In addition, the Little Tigers undoubtedly tell people, the addition of Master Kong brand a new product family, so that the constant in the minds of consumers innovative and enterprising corporate image. Therefore, sub-brand dual-brand strategy is conducive to contrast the main brand image will help improve marketing results, but have a high propaganda techniques, when the brand awareness is not high, is not conducive to the identification of consumer products. Advantages and disadvantages of dual-brand strategy Edit this paragraph is precisely compatible with dual-brand strategy of a single brand strategy and multi-brand strategy has the advantage that it can guarantee the single-brand strategy are the main products under the brand benefit, advantage of sharing results received; At the same time, while maintaining the multi-brand strategy in the draw the boundaries between products and thus avoid the failure of individual products to the entire chip to bring the brand effect of the loss. In addition, the dual-brand strategy also has the following advantages: 1, sub-brand express a favorable brand image of the Lord more and more enterprises are now starting a two-brand strategy with. Such as Panasonic, Taiwan's Ting Hsin International Group, China's Haier Group, in order to Haier Group's dual-brand strategy, for example, Haier Group, starting from the production of refrigerators, after years of struggle Haier Haier finally set for the top brand home appliances. Then, the Haier brand advantages of using their own brand expansion, brand expansion into washing machines, air conditioners and other fields. Haier used as a dual brand strategy, the use of sub-brand diversification may be to avoid the risks of the Group. Meanwhile, the success of each new product family will make Haier icing on the cake. Haier brand image and value will be enhanced along. 2, is conducive to enhance the promotional effect of dual-brand strategy is a product used to set a primary a two brand strategy. Which the main focus of the brand is the product identification, product sub-brand reflects the personality and image. Advertising business, the sub-brand is the main brand together with the publicity, corporate publicity master brand, but also promote the sub-brand. And other brand strategy, the dual-brand strategy has disadvantages: 1 using dual-brand strategy company product promotion should be the main brand is prominent on the important position. Because the main brand is the brand and the heart of consumers to identify and select products basis. However, the enterprises to adopt dual brand awareness, they tend to associate the brand because of overwhelming and dilute the main brand's image, over time, the main brand will be forgotten. 2, according to psychologists, research shows that people remember about five or more syllables is difficult under normal circumstances, the master brand and sub-brand name more than five syllables together. When the two brands in the high profile of the main brand, consumers only need to confirm the sub-brand can be, but when the corporate brand awareness is low, so consumers will be faced with two not familiar with the brand, but consumer products is not conducive to the identification and memory.
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