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ICPO on foreign trade contracts What does that mean? (Not the international police that) 0 replies,4088 views

ICPO: IrrevocableCorporatePurchaseOrder (irrevocable purchase order) Email message: Foreign words are often used in LOI: LetterofIntention (issued by the buyer purchases a letter of intent) BCL: BankCapacityLetter (bank issued by the buyer proof of funds) or written BankConformLetter, a meaning. FCO: FullCorporateOffer (the seller of intent issued by the responsible contract), informal contracts, generally in the contract: ThisisnottobecirculatedandisonlyforthepurposeofthistransactiononlyPOF: ProofofFunds (proof of funds issued by the buyer), letters of credit that he has been out of funds guarantee. The BCL can only show the company's credit. POP: ProofofProduct (product certificate), issued by the lawyers, appointed by the escrow conditions of contract to pay back, the buyer bank service. PB: PerformanceBond (performance bond), The key provisions of the LOI, only paid the PB, the buyer out of the credit to be effective. irrevocable letter of credit is generally confirmed the sight.
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