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Which country gave the U.S. the Statue of Liberty a gift? 0 replies,1273 views

France, New York City's most famous statue of the Statue of Liberty (StatueofLiberty) the freedom to stand off the coast of the island of Manhattan (LivertyIsland), she is not only the City of New York City standards, and become a symbol of the United States. Statue of Liberty to celebrate the people of France gave the U.S. the 100th anniversary of National Day gift to the American people. Created by French sculptor Batuo Di, praised the new American republic and freedom, and hope that free return to France (1851 Louis? Bonaparte, a military coup overthrew the Second Republic.) The bottom of the statue carved Jewish poet Emma? Plaza Rose's poem: give me your tired and poor who huddled mass yearning to breathe free; you hustle and bustle of the shore that the poor were abandoned population; to the homeless, veterans gave me with the people. Golden door I was standing, holding a free light! October 28, 1886, U.S. President Cleveland for the completion of the Statue of Liberty unveiled. Ba Tuodi Zhuo its contributions by the New York City dubbed honorary citizen of New York City, and he shaped the Statue of Liberty, also expressed the people's love and longing for freedom. Statue of Liberty was able to in the many sculptures in New York City emerged as the standard (in a sense a symbol of the United States) because it represents the city's history, it represents the spirit of the city, it represents the characteristics of the city, it also tells the people of the city beautiful, progressive ideals and aspirations; course in the art form of expression it must be elegant and beautiful.
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