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Trade Terms: FOB price, CIF price, EXW price, CIP price, please help to answer about, online, etc. 2 replies,25503 views

CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight (... ... named port of destination) Cost, Insurance and Freight means the port of shipment when the goods pass the ship's rail when the seller delivers. Ex works EXW (... ... named place) ex works (... ... named place) is in its location when the seller or other designated locations (such as workshops, factory or warehouse) will dispose of the goods to the buyer when delivery is complete goods, the seller is not cleared for export or to be loaded on any means of transport. FOB FOB (... ... named port of shipment) FOB (... ... named port of shipment) is when the goods cross the ship named port of shipment, the seller delivers. This means that the buyer of goods from that point bear all risks of loss or damage. FOB term requires the seller to the goods for export clearance. CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid to (... ... named place of destination) Carriage and Insurance Paid to (... ... named place of destination) means that the seller deliver the carrier nominated by him but the seller must pay for the goods to the destination freight, delivery by the seller, after which the buyer assumes all risks and additional costs. However, according to CIP the seller also has to procure the buyer the goods lost or damaged in transit risk insurance. References: References:
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Which way is the best (Less cost / economical ) for us i.e 





as i felt EXW is loss for us 

Kindly suggest us we are confused , Kinldy mail me also at as iam new to alibaba website and it will take some time to adjust with your website


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