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Brand definition brand endorsement is the endorsement of a brand elements that appear in some way in the packaging, labeling or the appearance of the product, but not directly part of the name as a brand. Usually, this particular brand elements is the brand or logo. Brand endorsement strategy, or corporate brand in the company formed between the greatest distance, so that the brand company or family relationship between the association and to minimize new product, while negative feedback effects are minimized. Brand in the market to enhance its commitment to strength, and often borrow the credibility of third parties, and third parties in a way that expressed or implied consumption of the original commitment to the brand once again recognized and affirmed. The brand marketing strategy, which we call the brand endorsement (Brand Endorsement). Endorsement by the brand, the brand was endorsed earlier for consumers promise to achieve the re-strengthening, and with consumers to establish a sustainable, trusted brand association. One meaning of the brand endorsement, no matter what the specific purpose of endorsement, as long as you can be with. Or a fancy party reputation, reputation, or the Chinese and the authority of a third party, or fancy a third party to lead the fashion of the first and so forth. Whenever an offense is not illegal, the Department can be used where possible use. Or clearly stressed, or obscure the implied endorsement of the former is known as a hard brand (Fixed Endorsed Brand), which is known as soft-endorsed brands (Flexible Endorsed Brand). Typical applications for hard-endorsed brand is the automotive industry, automobile manufacturers for each brand's product lines have different brands. The Liuyang River, Beijing, wine, JLF and other product brands are endorsed by the Wuliangye brand, although the time interested in the dissemination of this information will be communicated to consumers, but the former is not directly labeled brand endorsement brand, product brand communication is still the protagonist. Second, whether a third party who, as long as you can be rely. May be a third-party companies or organizations, media, personal, regional, or even a country. In the minds of consumers, GE products are good products, well-known trademarks of enterprises selected natural strength, landing a trusted brand of CCTV, Gong Li will speak a good cosmetic result, wines from France are all good wine, Swiss watches are excellent quality. Third, the role of this support may be very close, it may be loose. Brand extension for picture-brand or a similar product development between the spread. Whether the former or the latter, must be allowed access to the main brand and its main brands operate under a unified framework, not more regulations. Brand extension or a family sharing of resources, and brand licensing contract is entirely paid rent, there are economic interests that support constraints, natural close. However, sometimes this relationship is quite loose endorsement, do not earn third-party license, or even have never been aware of a third party, third party has no constraints, but with nothing wrong trend. For example, the origin described earlier endorsement. The reputation of the Swiss watch everyone work together to build, naturally, by the share. However, in order to avoid over-exploitation of shared resources and the wanton destruction of the individual - the so-called institutional economics in the tragedy of the commons, which share the brand are increasingly showing the trend of standardized, self-regulatory organizations have set up industry self-regulation. Endorsement in the form of a brand, the brand's national endorsement in the international market, when consumers reference to a particular country, always think of a certain category of products. Such as Swiss watches, French perfume, French wine, Italian shoes, German cars, German beer, Japanese electronics and American computers. National brands for a particular country circulated in the international market provides an attractive brand of charm endorsement. Why is there such a national brand? Because they are the industry's international rule-maker. In addition, some countries are always one or several in the production of certain products has an absolute advantage or comparative advantage, these advantages are embodied in the natural geography, technology, science and technology, or labor costs, etc., a country can use the first three companies advantage in the international market, establish brand image of excellence in countries (such as French wine and Swiss watch industry, etc.), and for domestic enterprises to enter international markets of other countries of origin of the evidence, making such products are enveloped in their own national brand under the halo. This time, the state vector as a brand for the domestic enterprises to enter the global market provides a strong persuasive. In the home appliances and textile and other industries, China has made in many areas of the world's first production, but it does not have a prominent national brand image, which is facing Chinese brands to the Chinese from China and create pressure on the survival and development of transition . However, in our traditional Chinese **** industries, and its leader than the Tong Ren Tang has a long history of old Guizhou Tongjitang, the search for international recognition of the way the pharmaceutical industry and mode of thinking become increasingly clear - traditional Chinese **** into the world market, this is needs, and in the field of traditional Chinese **** out of the big bag replaced by sales agents to establish a sound system of channels of Direct franchise, the Tongjitang began to compete for international capital markets through the international industry to compete for the right to speak: first in 2007 as China's domestic a proprietary company listed on the NYSE hit the U.S., which is passed to the peer Tongjitang a national marketing signals. However, overall domestic pharmaceutical companies are still scattered serious, the next 5 to 10 years will be the best time for mergers and acquisitions. 2, the brand endorsements in the business entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurs as a special group, they can represent the soul of a company or brand, or they appear as a commercial giant, or show people the face of entertainment stars, to promote business philosophy and life values, to seize the media and the public's eye. An entrepreneurial vision because of its excellent, innovative spirit and scientific leadership of outstanding performance, the business community and even in eyes of the public to form a powerful image of the individual entrepreneur. For example, IBM's Lou Gerstner, Bill Gates of Microsoft, General Motors, Jack Welch, Zhang Haier, Lenovo's Liu and so on. These entrepreneurs use a variety of commercial or charitable occasions, on the road through the pass on to success with business colleagues to share experiences and lessons of failure, entrepreneurs in the clear behind the brand, people think of is a trusted brand. Another entrepreneur, to use its brand awareness of the effects of 40% will be packaged into their own personal brand of entertainment to a large extent, these entrepreneurs have become the brand's spokesperson. For example, Pan Shiyi, SOHO's claim that he is the CI. Because, from building houses to make program host, a book, write blog, starred in the film, and even guest Super Girl, Pan Shiyi, wisdom and humor to bring the public happy, you will be the company's brand marketing at SOHO invisible. In any case, these entrepreneurs through the achievements of their own personal brand, in a variety of occasions passed to the audience's imagination and a positive end, the audience will be for the entrepreneur or the personal brand of trust and transferred to the corporate brand itself is concerned, an increase of business brand awareness. Good shape and spread of a healthy and positive brand image of individual entrepreneurs, enterprises can contribute to the endorsement of the brand play a role. From E5% 93% 81% E7% 89% 8C% E8% 83% 8C% E4% B9% A6
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