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Coffee itself is a sour taste in ah, in general, the PH value of coffee as if about 4. If you drink black coffee, acidity is more apparent. May be your partner or more than enough milk, some milk taste will be more slippery, more than companion, like the sweet on sugar, generally I do not sugar, is the black coffee with milk. Nestle's coffee is high-temperature baking, burning smell, Maxwell better, American coffee relatively shallow baking in general. Sour sour taste of coffee beans will be affected by the quality and variety to species level, the highland coffee planted more than low-acid plant, freshly picked beans for a while after the release of more than harvest the beans more acid. Different types of acid, the addition and changes in circumstances are different, generally shallow baking beans, sour richer, deeper level of those baking, sour than lacking. Newly harvested beans, good quality, high moisture content, such as the proper role of heat produced moderate acidity, will make coffee taste better, people feel more depth. Blue Mountain Coffee: Jamaican origin, named after the Caribbean Sea surrounded by the Blue Mountains. Sour, sweet, bitter there are very good flavor and aroma to reconcile, a single product suitable for coffee, to do a medium roast. Java Coffee: Place of Origin: India and Sumatra. Are Arabica species. After the bitter smell of baking extremely strong and light, no sour. Connor Coffee: Origin: Hawaii Connor areas. Lava beans bred, slightly a wine aroma, flavor is very unique. Santos Coffee: Brazil Brazil Sao Paulo, the main production. Sweet, sour, bitter shamisen neutral, moderate acidity, taste special, elegant. Mocha Coffee: Origin: Ethiopia. Has a unique aroma, moderate acidity with soft baking, the depth is emitting a strong smell of baking, occasionally used as a bartender. Brazilian coffee: Origin: Brazil. Sour and bitter to be deployed by baking, roasting medium soft aroma, taste, moderate, deep roasting is a strong bitter taste, suitable to deploy mixed coffee. Colombian Coffee: Origin: Colombia. Unique taste sour and alcohol. Refreshing alternative strong. Mandailing Coffee: Origin: Sumatra and India. Smell alcohol, moderate acidity, rich in very interesting sweet, suitable for deep baking, emitting a strong fragrance. Mamba coffee: espresso blends. Mante Lin coupled with Brazil, aromatic EcoWater, strong flavored, coffee in the match. El Salvador Coffee: Made in El Salvador. With a sour, bitter, sweet taste characteristics equal, the best roast is moderate, depth. Japanese Charcoal Coffee: pure re-created to accompany the unique taste of charcoal in Japan, Hong Soon-bittersweet, more to keep the original flavor of the coffee. Hawaiian coffee: with a strong sour taste and unique aroma, medium baked beans with a strong acidity, depth, flavor baking the next level. Bitter coffee: No sugar is not heavy to accompany, boiled coffee has a rich flavor, but the most bitter. Guatemala coffee: sour and sweet with the finest smooth easy to read, is the best material coffee blend for the depth of roast. Kilimanjaro Coffee: sour, sweet, pure, fragrance belong to top grade, medium baked sweet and will emit light sour, deep roasting will produce a soft bitterness, suitable to deploy mixed. Coppuccino: Italy's most famous fancy coffee, rotate, add butter, dried lemon, cinnamon, sweet and strong. Irish Coffee: Irish whiskey, sugar, or sugar, alcohol lamp burnt coffee and milk and pour into oil. Chun strongly fragrant. Zha Mage Blue Coffee: wine, hot coffee, dried lemon, cinnamon and sugar, sour, sweet, bitter blame the coffee. Wick Lanna Coffee: the Swiss mocha, mocha with milk and chocolate syrup, plus whipped cream and chocolate. American light coffee: Hot coffee, add water, light and refreshing coffee is such a style of MC.
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