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4M 4M management method is the use of management engineering methods. 4M is the ISO quality management system in one of the elements. It means: Manpower (Manpower); Machine (machine); Material (material); Method (methods, techniques); usually also contains 1E: Environments (environment). Is often said: man, machine, material, method, five major elements. 1) method?? Working conditions and environmental conditions; 2) Human?? Field who are directly engaged in operations; 3) machinery and equipment?? Fixtures, inspection, measuring, mold, etc.; 4) material?? Raw materials and processes used to send to the semi-finished products and spare parts. 1. Methods to make the company's product quality control daily production basis in the regulations, the various departments in strict accordance with management cycle (PDCA) cycle repeated. The basic factors are the following four stages. 1) The development of operating standards (P) 2) according to standard operating (D)
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