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Dear Sir/Madam,

It have been 3 weeks since I have place the order with order number: 1001794870 on Alibaba Express and I have not received my item yet. The seller gave me a fake tracking number (EMS: EE049038647CN). I have allready started a dispute. I believe that this seller is a scam, it has 71.9% lower than the average Orders Completed rate.

I would like to ask for a full refund. Please investigate my case.
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Re: Scam - Refund Request
Dear Mr. Georgios Natsios,

Thanks for alerting us to your complaint. Carol from the Online Security Department has been assigned to look into your complaint. An email has also been sent to your registered email address asking for more details. Please check your inbox and respond as soon as possible so we can initiate the complaint review and resolution process.

Our complaints resolution process is as follows:

1. Acknowledge complaint received from buyer
2. Request detailed evidence from buyer
3. Request detailed evidence from supplier
4. Resolve the complaint
4. Resolve the complaint
- If it is a verified fraud case, the supplier's account will be removed.
- If it is a normal trade dispute, we encourage both parties to work together on a resolution. For background, is not authorized to play the role of a judge or arbitrator in cases of normal trade disputes. is not capable of imposing and enforcing any meaningful penalty or action on any parties in regard to a normal trade dispute.

If the supplier's account is cancelled due to your complaint, you might be eligible for a refund from our Fair Play Fund. For details on this program, please visit:
Re: Re: Scam - Refund Request
I have already sent the required information to Carol. I hope to get a refund. Thank you.
Re: Scam - Refund Request
I would like to ask you if the ESCROW service is really working? Where is my money? Did you keep it until I confirm that order is completed or did you give it to the seller?
Re: Scam - Refund Request
i think the same thing may have happend to me i cant find any information about my tracking number either. how long should i wait before i complain for a refund the seller has escrow i thought it would be safe that way
Re: Re: Scam - Refund Request
I am not sure if this escrow service is working or it is just for advertisement purposes. I have opened a dispute on paypal, the transaction is frozen. In addition I have issued a dispute on Aliexpress also. Mrs Cherry, told me that once paypal is investigation my case, Aliexpress is not responsible for implementing the refund procedure and that they cannot do anything!. Anyway... time will speak. However, I believe that paypal will make a rightful decision, the bad thing is that the whole thing may delay up to 3 months. Do not trust Alibaba escrow (if such service exist indeed), use paypal's refund options.
Re: Scam - Refund Request

Dear Sir/Madam,

4 weeks ago I have place the order Nr: 1001788590 on Alibaba Express and I have not received my item until yet. The seller gave me a fake tracking number (EMS: EE222808418CN). I have no answer on my 8 requests to check up the Tracking Number. I have started a dispute 1 week ago - again without the answer. I think now, that this seller is a scam. I would like a full refund.

Please investigate my case and inform me, how I can receive the money back.

Re: Scam - Refund Request
Dear Mr. Georgios Natsios,

We are currently investigating your complaint, thank you for sending the additional information. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Carol from the Online Security Department. Carol has already sent an email to you and you should be able to find Carol's email address and contact details in your registered email inbox.
Re: Scam - Refund Request

Order NO:113014829 ------ at

I checked my bank again today, 12 July 2013 but STILL NO refund. It's OVER 15 business days already. Their FAQ says 7-10 business days refund.

I will be posting on EVERY forum that I can find including Yahoo Groups and Google Groups that "AliExpress Is A SCAM With Regards To Refunds".

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hi i send a dispute for a Order NO:61120011522475 the seller is a scamer your name is STICTECH INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. i buy 4 phones total amount 307,35(€ and send to my empties boxes nothing any item insisde only batteries, im sad with aliexpress, the dispute is escalated and my refund request is 0,00$ i dont understand this, if i talk to refund all my order money is 307,35( not 0.0$, i buy around 3000$ per month from aliexpress and alibaba but if the solution for my order with proof of the scam of seller is a refund the 0$ to my the i last buy from aliexpress and alibaba, need study and learn about my case 414801685, i wait a early reply.

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i have submited a claim agains a seller i found in alibaba. The seller gave me face tracking number and a face courier site. I received face email from the face courier about parcel being held, because the seller made a mistake and sent more items than ordered. Now he is requiring another payment from me, in order to get my parcel. I asked him to send my original order and that i do not want 42 pieces instead or ordered 18 pieces. Now i am absolutely sure he is s scam. I have submited a claim and am waiting for an update. I want to know if i qualify if not full at least partial refund. I don't know whether the seller is gold or not, but his account is now closed. My order is for $3,763.


best Regards

Ivan Kodinov

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