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Goose is the current domestic production of better efficiency of livestock and poultry industries, despite the goose industry in China developed rapidly in recent years, but the geese are still in short supply in the domestic market. With the continuous development of industry, geese, domestic inter-provincial and regional trading and introduction of goods geese are frequent, which for the goose spread of disease provides the conditions for a wide range of easy to cause pandemic disease in geese. In addition, with the development of livestock industry and the continuous variation of animal pathogens, in the past did not make little or a goose goose disease incidence of some diseases, has become the focus of goose production must be to prevent disease. Although the crude feed geese resistant, disease resistance characteristics, but in recent years, the epidemic of domestic geese trend, the incidence of goose species increasing. Therefore, producers do not goose the concept of the past treatment of disease prevention and control of the goose now. The current emphasis on prevention of geese to be the major infectious diseases are the following: 1 gosling plague gosling plague gosling plague is caused by the virus within 25 days against the goslings, and is highly contagious and infectious diseases death rate . Geese and ducks infected with the disease only, non-pathogenic to other livestock. Onset of 4 to 20-day-old chicks based, the less the incidence of mortality in the higher age. Gosling within 7 days mostly acute onset, illness symptoms and sudden death gosling see, the mortality rate as high as 95% to 100%. 7 to 14 day-old goslings and easy onset, duration of general 2d about the performance to not feed, water, slow and weak, standing firm's clothes to sleep, diarrhea, mouth breathing, the nostrils are brown or green-brown discharge , died legs paralysis or convulsions, some of which had neurological symptoms. More than two weeks old goslings course 3 ~ 7d, part of the sick geese can be self-healing. Gosling plague is a disease caused by a virus, no effective **** treatment after the onset, it can only improve prevention. Breeder can open pre-1 month the skin or muscle inoculated with 1mL (1:100 dilution) of attenuated goose embryo, 15 days in pre-open a second immunization. Gosling Plague can also be used to open pre-oil vaccine in breeder intramuscular injection every 20 days 1mL. This immune breeder produced within 5 months of goose eggs hatch available protection. Goose goslings are not immune and immune breeder breeding of more than 100d goslings, hatched the same day should be in the goose embryos of each subcutaneous injection of 0.1mL gosling attenuated. In the event where the disease prevalence, for security reasons, each 0.5mL subcutaneous injection of anti gosling plague gosling serum protection. 2 Avian influenza is a virus that can cause a variety of multiple subtypes of highly pathogenic viral disease of poultry, especially the H5 subtype of the strain, a variety of age and with different types of geese are highly pathogenic. Goslings can be up to 100% incidence, mortality 95%. Large day-old geese and goose higher incidence of mortality from 40% to 80%. The epidemic in the past rarely incorporated into immunization programs goose, goose who should now lead to a high degree of attention. Goose avian flu fever, diarrhea, lethargy, neck curved oblique head, side to side, head and neck swelling. Eye redness or bleeding, discharge, severe eye, nose bleeding. Course for the gosling 2 ~ 4d, young and adult geese geese 4 ~ 9d. The occurrence of avian flu, should try to control secondary infection with antibiotics reduces the incidence losses. Prevent the disease should avoid geese and other poultry polyculture, in addition to improve immunization, the vaccine the best choice of multivalent inactivated vaccine. 5 to 15 days each breeder 0.5mL first immunization, 50 to 60 days per 1 ~ 1.5mL two free, open antenatal each 2 ~ 3mL three free, then every 4 to 5 months of immunization 1. Parent on behalf of the goose is not immune from 5 to 15 days the first free, each 0.5mL, 2 months old two free, each 1 ~ 1.5mL. Generation is immune to Mother Goose, about the first 15 days free, free 2 months of age two. 3 goose goose paramyxovirus paramyxovirus disease and Newcastle disease virus of chickens of different strains of the virus is similar, so someone will have the disease known as goose Metro disease. And the test proved that this virus can cause disease of chicken and goose, all have a high degree of interaction between perceptual and high mortality rate. Goose average incidence rate of 60% large, the average mortality rate around 40%. The geese have different susceptibility to age, age the smaller the higher morbidity and mortality, and disease all year round. Course of illness for the small goose goose day 2 ~ 5d, large day-old geese 4 ~ 10d. Most of the early onset of watery diarrhea goose, goose the late part of the disease has twisted neck, circling, looking upward, and other neurological symptoms. 30% of the sick geese also difficulty in breathing, sneezing symptoms. Goose paramyxovirus disease without **** treatment effects, disease prevention focus on the environment in addition to disinfection, not the geese and chickens polyculture, and improve immunization. Immunization with inactivated vaccine, the first goose-free 10 to 15 days, 60 days or so two free, open pre-half three free, after immunization of adult geese 1 year. Mother Goose on behalf of immunity the first free 15 days, 60 days, two free; mother on behalf of the goslings are not immune, 5 to 7 days to avoid the first 60 days of age two free. 4 duck goose duck plague disease in ducks and geese are more mixed breeding places and circumstances, and the popularity of duck plague epidemic disease, duck plague virus infection occurs geese ducks geese leaving madness. Goose duck duck plague disease, mainly in the summer and early autumn season, the geese can be of different age incidence, usually shortly after the onset of the ducks, geese began to disease, 3 ~ 5d spread to the entire group after the course of disease 2 to 6 weeks , the incidence rate of 20% to 50%, 90% mortality of divination. Disease goose tears, eyelid edema, congestive heart knot shy, head and neck swelling, difficulty breathing, diarrhea. The main measures to prevent the disease is not to duck, goose polyculture, and can be attenuated duck plague vaccine geese. The first 20 days free gosling, the second 60 days free, pre-breeder in the opening half three free, into the goose the immune 2 each year. Goose with duck plague vaccine, the immunization dose of vaccine dosage duck 3 to 4 times. 5 duck pasteurellosis epidemic of the disease is caused by the bacillus by the Reimer's, 2 to 7 weeks usurp the main ducklings, but can also be infected geese and other poultry. Contracting this disease and feeding goose density, air pollution and shelter humidity, poor feeding management, feed nutrient levels are often low and the geese and other stress conditions have a great relationship. Duck goose contracting this disease, the mortality rate high, particularly young goose infected with the disease mortality rate around 70%. Acute death were asymptomatic, 2 to 3 weeks duration Gosling 1 ~ 3d, mainly as coughing, sneezing, eye and nasal secretions increase, breathing difficulties, some sinus expansion, death of nerve symptoms. 4 to 7 weeks duration 1 week. The main measures to prevent the disease: one is to use inactivated vaccine, about the first 10 days free, free first 2 to 3 weeks after the second immunization, antenatal goose can be opened two weeks immunization, antenatal opened a year after the goose 2 1 week immunization to protect the goslings early infection: the second is because the disease is a disease caused by bacterial infection, can be used sulfonamides, anthracene antibiotic **** and other **** prevention and treatment. 6 goose E. coli disease (commonly known as the egg sub-blast) E. coli is a widely found in nature and the conditions of animal pathogens, resistance to disease when the goose falls goose disease can. Egg-laying goose infected with the disease decreased egg fertilization rate and hatching rate decreased significantly. Types of the disease can be seen with the goose egg white mixed with the stool and solidification of the protein or egg yolk, more than a sick goose egg yolk peritonitis, cloacal feathers were contaminated by their faeces. Types of the disease, gander, the penile swelling, can not be retracted, exposing the body. Gosling growth and development of disease is slow, diarrhea, cold, blocked the growth and development. 1 week old goslings infected with the disease, sepsis deaths occurred. The main measures to prevent the disease: one available polyvalent inactivated vaccine of E. coli, 10 to 15 day-old goslings each muscle or subcutaneous injection 0.3mL, leaving two free breeder 120 days, injection 0.5mL, open production 20 days before the three free, after every 3 to 4 months immunization 1; Second, prime land available mold, ****, **** and other antibiotics from time to time choose the one kind of added water or feed in conjunction 4 ~ 5d for prevention or treatment. 7 fowl cholera disease in animals under normal conditions and the widespread nature of this virus, when the environment resistance mutations or geese decline, prone to disease. The disease can be vaccinated, but vaccine protection rate is not high, the immune shorter. Focus on environmental sanitation, strengthen management, if necessary, feed the geese or the drinking water into ****, sulfa drugs, **** and other antibiotics. (Friends of the Huai)
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