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Loquat evergreen, winter flowering, when the fruit harvest in the coming year. From the September start flowering, flowering up to 2? 3 months to protect the flowers, fruit the winter (10% of the flowers, fruit), you can get a good harvest. But then harvested loquat (5? June) after harvesting the fruit to the coming year, during which occurred due to various pests and damage, will affect the yield and quality of loquat. Loquat pests according to the occurrence of Luzhou area, now loquat fruit harvested from the flowering stage to the major pests during the Occurrence and control techniques described below. First, the occurrence of major pests 1 loquat, loquat caused by power spikes rot decay causes a lot of spikes, but the main pests and climate are two reasons. Flowering in loquat (9? November), autumn continuous, humidity, speed up the inflorescence rot disease. Particularly in the late flowering rachis brown rot soft rot was cake-like, hand-viscous liquid will be squeezed out of the Ministry of disease, to the late dry shrinkage was wilting flower-shaped shaft. 2, leaf and fruit diseases of the preliminary survey, damage leaves and fruit diseases are: leaf spot, leaf spot, leaf disease contamination, round spot, gray leaf spot and anthracnose, black rot, brown rot, Japan burning disease. The disease leaves and old leaves shoot damage, and some can also damage flowers, spikes, young fruit and so on. After the **** of young leaves curl wilting, shoot pumping of Health; old leaves after the ****, causing a large number of leaves; fruit killed, the initial formation of brown round spots, the rapid expansion of the fruit around the navel, and finally bear rotten food, loss of commodity value, a great impact on yield. 3, mite damage loquat loquat leaves, young shoots and flower mites mainly if a mite, the mite loquat growing areas in the number of generations each year ominous, but the overlapping generations, to the occurrence of loquat summer shoot pumping large quantities of raw, will seriously affect the loquat flower buds. When the flowers after the ****, causing wilting and the formation of soot-like, causing a large number of spikes off. 4, yellow caterpillar loquat loquat loquat yellow caterpillar is a major pest, it is harmful to the larvae eat leaves, shoots, even when serious remaining old leaves also eat into the vein, and even death caused by loquat tree. This worm (5? October) and the damage has occurred. But 8? September the largest damage. 5, psylla adults and nymphs of psyllids to focus on the shoot, petiole, leaf juice addiction. Victim leaf veins distorted, wrinkled leaves, resulting in dry spots, and gradually turn black, dirty coal-induced disease and leaves. 6, the pod borer moth infestation has loquat and pear DICHOCROCIS moth, in order to pear borer based. Miscellaneous pear borer feeding to larvae Zhushi loquat caused wilting shoots, Zhu Shi cob and spikes rot, fruit rot caused Zhushi fruit. Second, pest and disease control measures in a loquat, loquat tree body to improve resistance to diseases and pests, pest control hazards is the basic measures to strengthen the orchard management, fruit picking too close after the cut branches, light leg branches, prune, retraction and short cut , in particular, cut worms branches, down to slow the growth of prosperous growth of branches, to promote the summer shoot pumping hair, lay the foundation for the following year yield; control of nitrogen, increasing P and K, so that the tree no N fertilizer Wang ; improve irrigation and drainage systems, drainage can be done during the rainy season, when drought and irrigation, Trees Park in the 7? August is generally not irrigation, timely loose Efficiency in Tobacco Fields. Through these agronomic measures, the body can achieve enhanced loquat tree resilience, reduce or mitigate the damage of pests. 2, timely spraying protection, to control pest damage below the permissible level of economic growth under the loquat annual phenological phase and the corresponding characteristics of pests and diseases, mastering the three key application time: first, the second Choushao Loquat period (spring, summer, autumn). The damage of the pests and diseases are diseases of leaves (gray leaf spot, leaf spot, leaf spot, leaf blight and anthracnose wheel, etc.), mainly yellow caterpillar pests, moth and pear psylla. Mix fungicides and insecticides can be applied; 43% of the large SFT 600? 40% of 800 doubly thunder 1000? 1200 times mixed fertilizer, or 43% large SFT 600? 800 times increase of 20% or better in the winter of 1000-fold increases 1,000 4.5% Green Pepsi? 1500 times; second flowering. This is also a fall tree on Health of pumping, coupled with another case of autumn rain continued, many kinds of pests, damage is also heavy, there are flowers rot disease, fleas, if a mite, pear moth, etc. DICHOCROCIS. 2% additional fire can be 40% of 500 doubly pyrimethanil 1000? 1200 times spraying flower rot, Uranus 1500 times with 2.5% or 73% of the fruit garden control mites 3000 times, 43% large SFT 600 times or 25% 4000 times leaf spot spraying clear spot, anthracnose, etc., 40% of the thunder 1000? 1200 times or 1500 times the 10% safety control psylla Emerald, pear moth, etc. DICHOCROCIS; the third is the result of . The ability to control the pest of the damage, is related to the critical yield of loquat. The main diseases are of anthracnose, brown rot and black rot, the main insect pest of pear moth, and DICHOCROCIS and scale insects such as bugs. With the flowering of pharmaceutical drugs (this does not go into details.) Once a young tree garden and nursery flax stain disease, should immediately pull destroyed. Dry rot disease in orchards, and the Department should immediately shave disease meter with 2% additional 100 times brushing. Wen Yu and purple with white feather damage patterns loquat neck, the love of power with 71% or 30% kill 800 times more than 3000 times Armure cream filling around the roots. (Gu Xiang)
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