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Chicken egg has a certain pattern, opening post-laying rate has risen sharply to 50% in egg production rate of 3 4 weeks into the egg peak for 4 began to decrease after 5 weeks on average every 7 to 1% world . If a sudden drop in egg production, mainly from the following four factors should look for reasons. 1, Hugh production factors. Off production of laying hens on the same period. If you have 5% off 10% of the chicken while production will be a sudden drop in egg production. This is not a chicken egg production potential health or anything, but the rest of the chicken production at the same period the number of temporary increase in the formation of egg production rate decreased illusion. In a very short period of time, will restore the original level of egg production in chickens. 2, environmental factors (1) sudden changes in illumination. Such as light intensity, shorten the time will cause a sudden drop in egg production hens. It sheds light intensity and to maintain the relative stability of the illumination time. To shorten the illumination time and reduced light intensity to be a gradual transition, the chickens have a proper process. (2) the attack by the cold or heat. Subjected to cold or heat wave, a sudden drop in egg production. Sheds should be promptly closed out the winter, the windows nailed plastic film; summer to shade, to prevent direct sunlight chicken body, pay attention to preventive work. 3, management factors (1) lack of feed for several days or dietary composition and quality of a significant change, a sudden drop in egg production. Therefore, use of laying hens fed the full price of feed quality and quantity should be enough, do not feed moldy feed. (2) lack of drinking water for a long time. Water scarcity, will lead to egg production. Therefore, to maintain the normal water **** and water clean and free of odor. (3) abnormal noise, strangers, animals appear so suddenly frightened chickens will lead to significant drop in egg production, should be the nature of chickens to minimize the negative stimulus. (4) vaccination or deworming of chickens and other side effects caused by shock, but also make a sudden drop in egg production. Immune to use reasonable methods, regular vaccination and worming. 4, the disease factor. Chickens infected with acute infectious diseases will cause a sudden drop in egg production. To strengthen management, to maintain normal body resistance of the chicken. Practice regularly by immunization vaccinations, do not use expired deterioration disease (bacteria) vaccine to prevent disease. (Man Ling)
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I run a smallscale poultry in my firm of about a 1000 birds.I had a smooth experience fro day old till start of lay at 19 weeks.I always had alot of joy seeing the Brown Chickens healthy and active.My chickens are currently in their 37th week and in their 3rd month of lay but are currently experiencing massive drop in production for reasons I can not precisely state.Kindly read through and figure what might be wrong.

Three weeks ago,the Vet based on some chocollate droppings noticed in the pen from some chickens demanded that we give them Anityteledox,Virucidal and Vitamin to check the Cocci for 5days.The following week it was time for their monthly Lasota Vaccine but he suggested the chicks should be dewormed first so it is,the next day they were given Lasota as is usual.

The Morning next day,my flocks were a bit dull and flocking together and that day the unexpected happen! Egg Drop from about 22 crates to about 13!!.Noticing this,we introduced Vitamins to their drinking water to checkmate the cummulated stress but this is the 11th day and the drop has been occurring phenominally;yesterday,we couldn't even pick 9 crates.Funny enough,the chicks are very activ and healthy. Deen(Kano,Ng)

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