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Dragon fruit bearing branches since January 4 to 5 year growth of the bud, from bud to bloom about 25 days, then bear fruit to the fruit ripening about 35 days. May growth to pick fruit buds in July, the average number of flower buds 15-20 days on the president, has been flowering to 10 each year around mid to end of November, before the end of flowering. The end of October the growth of flower buds in late November, the end of December harvest, production of up to 6 months. Yield rich. Law is the result of dragon fruit, shoot length of more than 1.5 meters, and 4 November in the reproductive stage, may result. The results of the shoot should be as mature, and is in the upper branches and drooping branches most likely to result. Pitaya results are strong, the general culture five branches per plant, each batch will have about 3 branches of the results of the other two branches as the nutrition is not fixed. When the results of the branch has been pumping raw shoots, the vegetative branches will be converted to the results of branches and interchangeable. The formation of flower buds per branch generally 3 to 7, according to nutritional status, able to form flower buds 2 to 5, once formed buds, the result was 85% of the reproductive stage in the April to November are generally flower at any time, but by means of birth control, the normal flowering period of one year four times. Dragon fruit yield components are: the length of fruiting period, the number of fruiting, fruit size. In the early fruiting duration, depending on the time of the early planting and late season matching. Year regional climatic conditions on the right choice, the level of regional average temperature play a decisive role, but management is also important to note. Pitaya fruit reproductive growth of a very short compared to reproductive growth season of the year (9 months), only 1 / 4. The use of vegetative and reproductive growth in the production of a balanced and reasonable regulation is the key to the production technology. However, at present its mechanism of action of endogenous **** and role of quantitative research, is not very thorough; the use of exogenous **** on the critical role of phenology, and conventional crops is still a very big difference. Such as uneven germination, a 1 to 15 flowers open simultaneously and so on. In the control study, potential, to be studied. Quantity in the fruiting, flowering does not necessarily result, adequate nutrition, adequate assimilation area is an important guarantee for high yields. However, excessive vegetative growth to reproductive growth will be inhibited, so the management of dragon fruit or fruit trees must be managed as routine as taking the path of balanced development, to maintain moderate growth potential, generally dragon fruit per plant than to maintain the three branches, in order to meet balanced normal fruiting. Mismatches for the species, or species is not a reasonable allocation of the orchard, or have the technical capacity and human conditions and expect high yield orchards, artificial pollination is an effective increase production and improve quality management measures. But opening night spent dragon fruit, there is the difficulty of operating inconvenience. Tree orchard nutrient levels, directly affect the number of fruiting and fruit size. When poor nutrition levels, fruiting and fruit size of the number of outstanding contradictions. Poor nutrition levels had forced fruiting, will lead to plant failure and death. Trees in nutrient-rich conditions, make the appropriate adjustment of reproductive growth and vegetative growth, fruiting number and size to create a best value, to obtain, including branches, flowers, fruit, including the best gains. (Send Liu)
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