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Buddha belly bamboo, also known as belly bamboo, is a perennial evergreen grass Yaqiao wood, originating in Guangdong, South East regions have now introduced for ornamental plants and excellent process plants. Female reproductive cycle using a long bamboo ramet, the propagation coefficient is low, the cost of large bamboo cutting propagation by the reproductive cycle can be shortened, effectively reducing the cost of reproduction, now its main cultivation techniques are summarized as follows: First, prepare a pre-breeding. Substrate preparation: Bambusa ventricosa matrix rich sandy loam with humus is appropriate, commonly used substrates are: (1) sandy loam (add amount of maturity basal); (2) turf soil (burnt soil) topsoil and farmland (1 : 1); (3) the amount of farmland topsoil + sand + decomposed basic fertilizer (4:2:1). 2. Loaded nursery bags: the preparation of a good matrix scattered with phoxim Add to sterilize bacteria, and then into 8cmx12cm nursery bag, neatly arranged in standby (after pocket of substrate to reach nine points were irrigated at least appropriate). Second, the collected species sticks of bamboo mother selected more than 2 years, mother of bamboo on the aerial roots of the bamboo with roots from the base with a peel, adopted after the parent branch of green bamboo or process can still be used. Attention to maintaining the integrity of bamboo at the base, cracking, and maintain the aerial roots intact. Cut out parts of the bamboo, leaves, leaving only the base of more than about 20cm, will be collected by the bamboo on the water immersion for 24 hours, remove and clean to prepare for cutting with (Note: Soak can not use chlorinated tap water .) Third, the kinds of branches after cutting the immersion into the nursery bag kind of branch cutting, cutting depth of 5cm is appropriate, and using cuttings were irrigated after 75% of the shading coverage. Four seasons seedling management can implement this law, but the application of agricultural mulch in winter and spring to ensure the temperature is above 18 humidity of 80% or more, Nursery bag substrate kept moist, summer and fall every morning 3 times in the night pouring water, after about 25 - 30 days to germination of new roots (from the aerial roots developed from), then a lighter can be applied to decomposition of organic fertilizer, then applied a fertilizer every 25 days ( N: K = 1:1), to be rooted seedlings grow bag and drawn two leaves immediately after emergence of Health, but should be about 10 days before the emergence of the hardening period (to gradually reduce the number of shading and watering until the full light .) V. Pest Control 1. Ant: if the hillside nursery should be actively in control of ants, can be 800 - 1000 times the water to kill phoxim. 2. Zhu Huang: insect damage mainly bamboo, yellow bamboo seedling after victimization and even death, can be 800 times omethoate control. 3. Bamboo spot moth: larvae bite the bamboo, yellow bamboo seedling after victimization and even death, can be used 800 times omethoate trichlorfon or control. 4. Rodents: Buddha belly bamboo rats are more prone to injury, so to actively prevent, control or power available mouse rat Valley killing machine. (If Feng)
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