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First, the prevention of pesticide poisoning 1. Prevent pesticide contamination of mulberry leaves. Mulberry pest control, should have a suitable period of treatment, pharmaceutical concentration and residual limitation period. More time in the spraying, leaf collection, the first test with a small amount of silkworm mouth, no injury to determine, before a large number of feeding silkworm. Not smoke tobacco growing areas of mulberry hybrids, the interval between 150 meters to be more toxic components of tobacco in order to avoid pollution of mulberry leaves. Mulberry is surrounded by rice fields, pest control medication, as water poured pouring medication, low applied, and under the limelight for the mulberry. Prohibit the use of such diffusion dimehypo pesticides. 2. To prevent pesticide contamination Jamsil, Canju. Jamsil do not store pesticides, Canju and sericulture products are not exposed to pesticides. Contaminated items are not allowed into the Jamsil. Not use aerosol spray pesticides to Jamsil, Canju disinfection. Non-contaminated water with pesticides and disinfection of clean slate Canju Jamsil. 3. Breeders of clothing, hand, foot and avoid contact with pesticides. Breeder not exposed to pesticides. After the pesticide application personnel not directly involved in picking off leaves, Wan Sang, feed or enter Jamsil silkworm, silkworm to avoid poisoning. 4. Silkworm eggs during incubation to prevent access to undesirable gases and toxic drugs. Second, the silkworm pesticide poisoning treatment 1. Frequently observed early diagnosis. Pesticide poisoning is characterized by a sudden and mass. Silkworm climb after poisoning showed chaos, spit juice (vomiting yellow water), shaking his head, roll, side and so on. Organophosphorus pesticide poisoning, manifested as indigestion, chaos climb, faint, swelling chest, cramps, roll, spit out a lot of juice, irregular discharge manure, paralysis and died. Organic nitrogen poisoning, the performance side feeding, crawls around, spit or static random-volt wire is not moving. Pyrethroid pesticide poisoning, manifested as vomiting, back, roll stand, the body is curved to the back and belly is very serious, often bent into a spiral-shaped roll, the last lot of vomiting, rectal prolapse and died. 2. Ventilation. Found immediately after the pesticide poisoning of silkworm open windows and doors, exhaust polluted air. 3. Cut off the sources of drugs, isolation silkworm body. Caesar seat in the silkworm or plant ash or lime powder **** bran materials such as sand traps, and timely screening toxic than the sand and give fresh mulberry leaves, silkworms and poisoning the well isolated from silkworm; or the silkworm into the cool air, to give fresh mulberry leaves. 4. Silkworm picked up the poison to the rapid dip in cold water a few seconds, spit out the juice to stimulate Caner. According to recovery, batch fed fresh mulberry leaves. 5. Tim food antidote. If the organic phosphorus pesticide poisoning, **** can add fresh or dissolving Ding (injections every 2 ml water mixed with 5 kg 0.5 kg of mulberry leaves); if the elements of organic nitrogen pesticides and pesticide containing arsenic poisoning, can add fresh 0.06% **** solution; if pyrethroids can be Tim or food poisoning leaves 15% to 20% of the licorice solution or 5% to 10% sucrose water. 6. Canju cleaning. Tarnished pesticides Canju want to change out, washed clean with lime, repeated exposure before use. (Chih-Qin)
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