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1, the basal fertilizer application of basal fertilizer before planting vegetables or means the facilities into the field before planting fertilizer. Organic vegetable production, organic fertilizer should be mainly basal, Hunban into the amount of fertilizer. Basal fertilizer crop share of total fertilizer supply more than 70%. Including plant residues and other organic fertilizer or manure Tuza Fei and mineral fertilizer, plant ash in full for the basic fertilizer, and other partially used for basal fertilizer. In establishing the number of basal species and must take note of these points: (1) barriers to prevent fertilizer concentration. In total base fertilizer, if you use too much fertilizer as base fertilizer. To be able to cause an accident in the local high concentration of fertilizer barriers; organic fertilizer slow, the buffer is big, even if the large number of application, but also the concentration of rare disorders; therefore the total lack of vegetables of Fertilizer, only by increasing the quantity of organic fertilizer met. (2) basal less nitrogen fertilizer **** fertilizer and state. Hi nitrate vegetables crops, but the N fertilizer applied to soil can not easily be soil adsorption, leaching easily rain or irrigation, it is not appropriate for a large number of basal; ammonium nitrogen fertilizer applied too much, serious birth defects occur , leaves appear yellow or atrophy. At the same time will also affect fat absorption of calcium and magnesium plants, hence should not be large as base fertilizer. Therefore, we should use organic nitrogen amide nitrogen fertilizer (urea). (3) nitrogen base fertilizer, the nitrogen supply of crops for 70% of basal fertilizer and 30% for top dressing. 30% of the nitrogen as top dressing fertilizer, fertilizer should be accounted for 3 / 5. Organic nitrogen fertilizer such as human waste for fertilizer on a regular basis only in the initial use of vegetable crops. (4) should be fully used for basal fertilizer. Vegetable uptake of phosphate to nitrogen of 100, compared with 25 to 30. Vegetables need to ensure that growth in the return period of phosphate fertilizer in the early stages of growth. If the seedling phosphorus deficiencies, even if the latter make up chasing a lot of fertilizer, production or decreased. Therefore, generally all for basal fertilizer. (5) basal should not be in too much potassium. Normal amount of potassium fertilizer uptake of vegetable crops, mostly 0.8 to 1.5 times. K applied to soil can not easily be poured by water loss, and potash fertilizers than other components absorbed by vegetable crops. But the one-time excessive potassium fertilizer will affect the calcium, magnesium and other nutrients absorbed easily lead to physiological calcium, magnesium element element deficiencies. Basal fertilizer to use part of it, and the other used as top dressing to remain a part of. Basal fertilizer application method is: should the plow in the garden before turning full applicator fertilizer; other types of vegetables, mainly for application to be applied, that is central to dig deep groove in the vegetable bed, far from seeking to ditch applied fertilizer or manure and other organic fertilizers, and fertilizer applicator on top of it, then covered with soil, the entire plot. 2, top dressing after dressing application means the planting of vegetables or to add additional fertilizer after planting. Dressing should be based on different vegetables, different growth periods, a timely amount of topdressing in phases to meet the needs of vegetables and various growth periods. (1) short-term green leafy vegetables dressing method. Adequate basis in the basal, live food, full crop until the harvest as long as the water can not fertilizer. If you retire in the cultivation process that leaves the Green Quefei that need fertilizer. However, the last top dressing, must be more than 8 days prior to harvesting the vegetables topdressing. Do not use nitrate fertilizers fertilizer, application of NPK fertilizer or urea, using foam irrigated facilities. (2) Long-term food top-dressing method. In the initial colonization of the seedling stage, often nitrogen fertilizer, and promote robust seedlings. The early formation of vegetable products as fertilizer focus, pay attention to requirements for different types of vegetables with the application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Vegetable products before going to harvest, less fertilizer or fertilizer. Dressing key period for a variety of vegetables: root vegetables, onion and garlic and onions class Yaro class, focusing on dressing in the root or stem and begin expanding stage; cabbage, kale, mustard greens and other long-term, focus on cabbage dressing occur early or spend the early ball (cauliflower); melons, eggplant, beans, dressing focus on the results of the first female flower (pods) after solid. No matter what kind of vegetables, should pay attention to the form of nitrogen fertilizer and top dressing effect. The early cultivation of various leafy vegetables, can topdressing N fertilizer, but fertilizer should use the last NPK fertilizer or urea. **** in rainfall and more severe leaching season (spring to early summer in Fujian Province) application, the fertilizer is high; the other hand, when it is dry, then easily the concentration of serious obstacles, causing output to decline. **** and amide nitrogen fertilizer efficiency in the low temperature of large, somewhat less fertilizer in the rainy period. Starchy vegetables such as potatoes, taro, etc., not the best nitrogen fertilizer **** ions will reduce the quality of these dishes. Shi dressing method in two ways: First, water facilities. Ren Chufen manure or fertilizer to water seepage water facilities after the flood damage to melt. Planting density, short-term green leafy vegetables, whole water park facilities. Planting density of long-term vegetable species, the available bar facilities, Central facilities, fertilizing, try not to pay attention to applied fertilizer on the leaves. Second, dry facilities. Long growing season of vegetables, dressing in their focus during the plant in the vegetable bed between the lines, dug a small cave, the fertilizer was applied, the cave is covered with soil. Note the small holes dug each fertilizer to be staggered, such as between the second line. Fertilizer should pay attention to matching with other agricultural activities. General vegetable first cultivators, weeding, earthing up, then fertilization, irrigation the next day. 3, Liquid Fertilizer Spraying foliage top dressing refers to the vegetable leaf surface, with a fertilizer solution or fertilizer powder spraying method, the vegetables were nutrient absorption through the leaves. Liquid Fertilizer Spraying for easily fixed and leaching of soil fertilizer and soil too wet in spring when the long-term application of rain. Foliage top dressing with fertilizer solution concentration, due to differences in crops and the external conditions vary. Generally between a few thousandths of one percent. Liquid Fertilizer Spraying in the evening or early morning dew the best dry before 9, because when stomata open, conducive to plant uptake. Liquid Fertilizer Spraying after 4 hours, no rain, or very poor. Foliage top dressing of nitrogen fertilizer should use organic fertilizer, such as OPAL, the whole amino acid complex fertilizer and so on. Should be about 10 days before harvest for. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate or superphosphate foliage top dressing should be selected. Such as the use of superphosphate. Such as the use of superphosphate, subject to filtering, ie the ratio of added water immersion 1:50-80 a day and night, and then filtering the liquid spray. Potash or potassium sulfate with **** to be soaked into a 0.3% -1% concentration before use. Boron, molybdenum and other trace elements are used foliage top dressing fertilizer is best method of application, because they use very little fertilizer, such as basal or top dressing rhizosphere, the dosage should be numerous and difficult to even. Release of its document delivery site for more information purposes, does not mean agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of its contents.
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