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Reporter: Professor Chan said why some fertilizer compound fertilizer, and some also known as compound fertilizer, they differ? Expert: first say what is the single quality for fertilizer. It refers to a fertilizer containing only NPK nutrients in a certain kind of three nutrients. Such as urea, superphosphate, or potassium, which are single quality fertilizer. Compound fertilizer is different, in a fertilizer containing N, P, K nutrients in three two or three nutrients, it referred to as compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer because of different manufacturing methods, it is called not the same. Chemical synthesis of the binary usually referred to as compound fertilizer fertilizers such as diammonium phosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, etc.; use of DAP and **** or potassium-based fertilizers, configured by the secondary processing of ternary fertilizer known as compound fertilizer. The nutrient content of their containing N, P205 and K20 expressed as a percentage, such as a 15-15-15 fertilizer bags marked, that is 15% NPK content of the ternary compound fertilizer; 18-46-- 0 indicates that 18% of nitrogen, phosphorus 46% diammonium phosphate, potassium fertilizers are not. Reporter: Professor Chen, the quality fertilizer compound fertilizer compared with the single What are the advantages it? Expert: the advantages of compound fertilizer following 5 aspects: 1. Contains more nutrients species, active ingredient content is also high. 2. Comparison of solid particles, dust, particle size uniformity, moisture absorption, easy storage and use. 3. With the Deputy less had little effect on soil properties. 4. The production cost is low, saving transport costs and packaging materials. 5. Saving fertilization labor. Reporter: compound fertilizer has many advantages, it has weaknesses? Expert: Of course, it also has shortcomings, mainly: 1. Compound fertilizers is relatively fixed, it is difficult to meet all kinds of soil and the different requirements of various crops. 2. Compound fertilizer nutrients, the location and release rate is difficult to fully meet the crop nutrient during a special request. Reporter: Professor Chan, why is that fertilizer is the current direction of development of fertilizer industry in China? Expert: fertilizer nutrients has the advantages of diversification and product series, which has broad application prospects. There are many manufacturers have started production of special fertilizer, specialty fertilizer such as cotton, watermelon and special fertilizer and so on. A scientific formula of fertilizer will give farmers the convenience and efficiency. Therefore, fertilizer compound fertilizer is one of the direction of industrial development. Reporter: development of compound fertilizer in China and abroad, the gap between current situation is like? Expert: China's fertilizer a late start, develop fast enough, the current total production of compound fertilizer made only about 20% of the total fertilizer. Japan, the United States, Germany and other developed countries, the proportion of fertilizer were 70%, compared differ greatly. Expert Tip: 1. Compound fertilizer is a relatively simple substance in terms of fertilizer. Since compound fertilizer manufacturing methods, it is called not the same. General chemical synthesis known binary compound fertilizer compound fertilizer; the preparation of compound fertilizer-based compound fertilizer called the ternary compound fertilizer. 2. Fertilizer compound fertilizer is one of the development. Compound fertilizer in China is not high level, great potential for the development of compound fertilizer. Actively develop fertilizer, agricultural sustainable development, good use of technology rich fertilizer needs of farmers. Release of its document delivery site for more information purposes, does not mean agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of its contents.
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