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Chicken chronic respiratory disease caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum a chronic respiratory disease, characterized by cough, runny nose fluid, tracheal rales, mouth breathing, upper respiratory tract inflammation and a cheese-like material bag, adult chicken was latent infection , resulting in decreased egg production, feed conversion decreased, but also the persistence and spread in chickens, but also spread to the next generation through the egg. After the occurrence of chronic respiratory disease of chicken, can lead to immune suppression, easily mixed with E. coli infection, resulting in severe respiratory symptoms, to cause great loss of poultry production is an important poultry industry against infectious diseases. To start with three aspects of prevention and cure. First, the vaccination is to reduce the mycoplasma infection Mycoplasma vaccine is an effective method currently used vaccines are attenuated vaccine and inactivated vaccine, attenuated vaccine both for the health of chickens not infected, can also be used for chickens have been infected, immune protection rate 80%, and immune duration of 7 months. Oil-adjuvant inactivated vaccine inactivated vaccine is better, and more for layers and breeders. After immunization to be effective in preventing the occurrence of this disease and the eggs of vertical transmission, and reduce the chance of other diseases induced increase egg production. To fully use the SPF chicken vaccine, vaccines to prevent transmission of non-SPF mycoplasma and other diseases, the chicken coop with disinfectant regularly to reduce the risk of horizontal transmission. Usually feeding chickens to strengthen the management, attention to ventilation sheds to reduce the flocks of various stress factors and do all kinds of virus disease in chickens immune. Second, **** treatment **** treatment is to control mycoplasma infection is one of the most effective way, medication should be used in the early stages of infection, and to be rotated and combined medication, treatment is usually 3 to 7 days. At present the **** for the treatment of the disease there are two main categories, antibiotics, bacteria such as Tellabs drugs, ****, lincomycin, ****, etc., and the other is a chemical **** **** Well ketones, such as ****, ****, enrofloxacin and so they have a better therapeutic effect of mycoplasma, dosage is as follows. ****: water delivery, 0.005% ~ 0.01%, mixed feeding administration, 0.01% to 0.02%, use 5 to 7 days. North adriamycin (leucomycin): water delivery, 0.05%, use 3 to 5 days; mixed feeding administration, 0.033% ~ 0.05%, once every 5 to 7 days. Used as a feed additive, broiler, layer, breeder mixed feeding concentration of 0.0005.% 5 ~ 0.0011%, continuous feeding. Tylosin: water delivery, the concentration of 0.05%, use 5 to 7 days. Used as feed additives, mixed feeding concentration of 0.001% ~ 0.05%. Tylosin and **** or a combination of oxytetracycline and other **** antibiotics, available synergies. ****: water delivery, 0.05%, use 3 to 5 days. Enrofloxacin: water delivery, 0.05%, use 3 to 5 days. Third, the elimination of eggs within the mycoplasma, block by block the vertical transmission of eggs by the egg spread in many ways, such as oil seepage several mycoplasma immunization, breeders dosing method, injection of Drugs Act eggs, egg dipping method, eggs hatching high temperature treatment before the law and the breeder vaccination law. The current method is used more dosing method, heat treatment before the eggs hatch and the breeder many times the oil law Vaccine Act, or the combination of several methods will be applied. While strengthening the farm disinfection, isolation and other bio-security measures to ensure the newly hatched chicks are no longer free of mycoplasma infection. In short, control chicken chronic respiratory disease will be a complex, long-term, comprehensive and detailed work, first of all creatures should be strict protection measures, on a regular basis, planned to farm sheds sanitation and disinfection; Second, select the appropriate immunization procedures, timely mycoplasma vaccine, timely **** prevention, strict disinfection, regular inspection, but also to persevere, persevere. (Thousands of wave)
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