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To avoid the cold wind in the back should be sunny, dry place to build duck house GAO, and frequently changes the pad of hay or dry ash, Sherwin controlled at 5 degrees Celsius or more. Should ensure that supplementary light every day about 15 hours of light time in order to promote egg eggs mature. Installation of 15 square meters per 1 40 watt light bulb, lamp height of 2 meters away from the Duck, lamps and lamp distance of 3 meters. Suitable density per square meter area: the ground level raised 68 birds, 810 birds fed on the Internet, 20 captive birds, duck between the benefit of heating. Buwei concentrate egg production rate of 6 percent or so, 3 times a day Buwei; 8 fed by more than 4 times when, but also a corresponding increase in the amount of feed, feed 100 per 200 grams of duck feed every day, but do not replacement of feed varieties, but not excessive feeding Valley aggregates, a corresponding increase in number of green feed and roughage. Crying noise duck for at least 4 times a day duck noise is in the barn all ducks within the gently crying, got up and slowly make a circle motion driving ducks, each pocket at least 5 laps to increase physical activity, robust body. Should be flexible and turn on the water sunny day at 10 am and 14:00 around the water bath for 10 minutes; cloudy, no wind day, the morning the water again in the afternoon from time to water. Fed with fresh winter nights shorter days and longer, lower temperatures at night can add a warm feed fed, not only to increase duck nutrition, but also conducive to ducks keep warm, and increase egg production. Pens to prevent the stress should be kept quiet day. Day and night, especially early against by dogs, cats, rats, stimulation of **** and other attacks and to prevent the ducks by the laws of stress and damage to ovulation, or even stop production. (Condensate Winter)
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