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1.1 channel catfish virus disease caused by a HSV virus, the main symptoms are: congestive fin base and the subcutaneous, abdominal swelling, eyes outside the drum, pale gills, liver enlargement, visceral hyperemia. Sick fish swimming in surface water, move slowly into the bottom after death. The disease occurs in an age of multi-species, full-length in the 8 ~ 15cm, weighing 7 ~ 25g. Onset usually in October, water temperature 25 When the weather turns cold, the water temperature slowly dropped to 27 ~ 20 it is easy outbreaks, causing many deaths, the mortality rate of up to 90%. When the water temperature down to below 15 morbidity and mortality significantly reduced. There is no effective treatment, in general, prevention-based comprehensive prevention and control measures. After the onset of the fish to do the work of water disinfection and water exchange can be reduced to some extent the spread of fish diseases. Because the fish is missing scales 1.2 Shuimei Bing protection, it is easy to pull the net, the harvesting and other operations and damage during transport. When the air temperature, water temperature decreases, the body much slower metabolic rate, body surface wound healing is slow, to the appropriate low-temperature growth of fungal infection and reproduction opportunities. The disease of fish at age 1 and 2 years old fish was the main disease target. Fish wire wound infection after the water mold can spread quickly along the surface, grow a white hairy body can be serious, deep into the muscle tissue of hyphae inside the muscle even broken through. The disease occurs in the temperature of 17 The following is a typical seasonal fish diseases. Low temperatures in winter can be occurring on a large spring with the water temperature can rise and natural healing. Shuimei Bing cure is prevention and treatment of malachite green, but has a strong carcinogenic malachite green, China has banned the use of the process in aquaculture. Therefore, prevention-oriented Shuimei Bing, the most important is to prevent injuries. Sick fish bath of 3% to 5% salt solution, the role of adjuvant therapy. 1.3 Wheel sis of the disease at age 1 fish farming in the prone, especially in breeding density is too large, the time vulnerable to a deterioration of water quality. Disease is the main body of the fish gills. Gill infection, a large number of insects gathered in the gill filaments wheels, the erosion of gill filaments, gill visible congestion, increased mucus secretion, microscopic examination can be seen live Trichodina. After the onset of fish, swim in the water channeling, difficulty breathing, dark in color, body weight, eating is not normal. Trichodina occurred during breeding outbreak trends, we should seriously find the cause and take effective measures. The fish density is high, thin to support a reasonable sub-Tong; pond water quality deterioration, change the water in time. General use 0.7% 26 # 215; 10E-6 of the copper and iron mixture (5:2) is effective in treatment of echinococcosis wheels. 1.4 The disease predominantly affects the small melon echinococcosis fish skin, fin and gill filaments. The site of infection can see a white dot eyes protruding vesicles, commonly known as% 26quot; white spot disease% 26quot;. Small melon worm disease usually in the winter, water temperature 15 ~ 25 Albuginea surface layer of diseased fish there, fish weight loss, slow swimming, floating in the surface water. The traditional method is to treat the disease, with 3mg / L of mercury nitrate solution bath 2h. Currently, mercury nitrate has been banned for fish disease control, available 15% 26 # 215; 10E-6 formalin spill treatment, but the effects are not very good. 1.5 cylindrical columnar disease of the disease pathogen is Bacillus flex its highly infectious, can harm the age of channel catfish fish. Cylindrical disease often occurs in late spring and early autumn, often acute onset, likely to cause many deaths, especially in an age of old fish and 2 fish. Incidence of symptoms of head, trunk, or white spots appear rays, etc., got worse, the site of infection of skin ulcers, exposed muscle tissue, sometimes even perforation of the final sick fish was tortured to death. Treatment with water disinfectants to control, such as: bleach, Strong Chlorine, chlorine dioxide. Use of water Quanchiposa. 1.6 pathogen of hemorrhagic disease of **** hydrophila sp, symptoms are: sick fish were sluggish in the water like swimming convulsions, feeding is not normal, surface ulcers (skin, muscle necrosis), abdominal swelling, exophthalmos , body cavity filled with bloody fluid, kidney soft, swollen, pale liver with a small bleeding points, intestines filled with bloody mucus or pink, hindgut and anal bleeding and swelling associated with symptoms. The disease occurs mainly in late spring or early summer. Treatment Quanchiposa 2% 26 # 215; 10E-6 concentrations of oxytetracycline, or with garlic and salt made bait feeding. 1.7 Edward's disease pathogen Edwardsiella disease bacteria, a good site at the base of fins. Diseased fish after infection, bleeding began slowly to expand penetration into the interior, until the internal muscles, eventually leading to kidney, liver failure and death. Treatment to disinfect the water main, Quanchiposa chlorine dioxide can be controlled. 2 Channel Catfish good comprehensive prevention measures 2.1 disinfection before stocking the pond lime (75kg/667 square meters) completely clear pond disinfection to kill harmful organisms, and then filling fresh water reserve. In the production process, pay attention to the disinfection of tools, can not be used at the onset of the fishing ponds directly to a different pond use, subject to sterilization or exposure after use. 2.2 to do prevention work in the farms to establish quarantine system, not to prohibit free access to breeding sites, a variety of farming equipment and farming equipment, with some people and farms must be strictly sterilized. Source of foreign species introduced to the body surface sterilized kill parasites, fish ponds on the incidence of isolation measures to be taken to prevent cross infection. 2.3 The regular replacement of good water quality management, timely filling of new water, keep the water fresh. Adjustment of water pH range between 6.5 and 8.9, an appropriate increase in salinity (0.2 ~ 8.5) can promote the healthy growth of fish. Sprinkle with lime of the water, improvement of sediment, can promote algae growth and reproduction. 2.4 Strengthening management and use of feeding nutritionally complete, balanced feed ratio of various components to ensure normal growth and development of fish's nutritional needs, to improve the body immunity purposes. The appropriate number of live animal feeding food, such as: small trash fish, animal offal, slaughter waste, can effectively promote growth. 2.5 actively prevent the growth of fish diseases according to different seasons and different developmental stages of growth and take appropriate precautionary measures. Through the use of water disinfection, feeding bait, reduce operational emergency response and other methods to avoid or reduce the occurrence of disease, the outbreak of epidemic. (Ling Qiu)
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