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Cage layer prolapse syndrome more common in poultry production, in terms of its causes, prolapse is a complex and difficult problem, which caused each year to the farm house some economic losses. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of prolapse of the rectum causes and take appropriate and effective preventive measures, which is to ensure the health of chickens to raise chickens reliable guarantee for economic efficiency. A prolapse of the rectum because of rectal prolapse cage layer occurred in the layer to open in early postnatal period of maternity or rich, and more common in high chicken. View from the occurrence of rectal prolapse causes, mainly the following points: 1, layer in the growing period and the lack of exercise due to the chicken fat off the body. Layers in the incubation period, the level of dietary energy contained in the cage is too high or too early on. Chicken lack of exercise, will result in excessive deposition of body fat hen, resulting in the chicken body obesity. Between the pubic and lower abdominal fat oppression of a large number of the fallopian tubes, blocking the birth canal, excessive muscle tension in the fallopian tubes, each responsible for egg production are a result of strong efforts to rectal prolapse. 2, hen production opened too early or too late. Hen premature opening production, development and sexual maturation Chicken incompatible, Chicken Little, skeletal muscle hypoplasia, it is difficult to maintain egg production; if opened too late production, are often produced on the production of a large egg open, easy to cause dystocia and rectal prolapse. 3, high ratio of dietary protein content, protein oversupply. On post-natal hen, egg production is rising, at this time if a large number of high-protein diet fed, the sharp increase in egg production, egg weight increase or appear more double yellow eggs, and therefore the incidence of rectal prolapse is difficult birth increase accordingly. 4, with dietary vitamin A and vitamin E deficiency. Laying of the rich, if the vitamin A and vitamin E intake, lack of sex **** imbalance, fallopian tube and cloacal mucosa keratinization and loss of elasticity, a lubricant to reduce discharge of oily materials, resulting in the chicken egg is not smooth , egg production caused by rectal prolapse when excessive force. 5, light improper or insufficient **** supply. Additional layers premature or irregular light illumination to prolong the time to increase the light intensity, resulting in over-excited hen, nerve sensitivity, pecking each other fighting, early egg laying, or disrupt the law of dystocia caused by rectal prolapse. In addition, calcium-rich diet with higher levels of this time if the light is insufficient, or lack of ****, calcium and phosphorus imbalance, the diet can not fully absorb the calcium, the calcium is deposited the remaining intestine, stimulating intestinal inflammation, defecation caused by rectal prolapse when the strong efforts of responsibility. 6, pathological factors. Oviduct and cloaca with inflammation, white diarrhea, coccidiosis, and peritoneal tumor Dengjun easily cause hen rectal prolapse. 7, the adverse environmental impact. Laying by the external environment when the shock; a chicken pecking addiction to take advantage of the occasion of laying the **** to valgus pecked his ****, can cause rectal prolapse. Two control methods 1, bred to do a good job of feeding and management. Restrictions should be kept on the Yucheng Ji ,7-14 week-old pullets diet about 16% crude protein, and its purpose is to ensure the full development of the muscles, after a week and 1%, to 18 weeks of age, diet to 12% crude protein. During this period, including dietary metabolizable energy level of not more than 2700kcal/kg; to 10-20% of daily food restriction (ie, fed ad libitum amount of 80-90%); from 7 weeks of age, the weekly sampling tests chickens 1 -5% of the chicken body weight, according to the actual difference between body weight and standard weight to adjust the diet Feeding Amount. If the weight is above or below the standard weight of 1%, next week the corresponding 1% increase or decrease the amount of feed. Also note that Yucheng Ji exercise, regardless of the ground litter or large cage brooding brood, laying cages on the most appropriate time is 17-18 weeks old, so you can control the opening production of Yucheng Ji appropriate, to maintain good body condition, prevent excessive fat, thereby reducing the incidence of dystocia rectal prolapse. 2, light to be appropriate. Light on the chicken gonad development, feeding, nutrient absorption and utilization, and laying great role. 20 weeks ago, a day not more than 12-13 hours of exposure time, 20 weeks, the daily exposure time started to increase, generally 0.5-1 hours per week increased, until the illumination time increased to 15-16 hours per day and, thereafter, remained stable, should not neglect long-neglected short. The light intensity, Yucheng Ji is 2 - 3W/M2, laying hens as 3-4W/M2, install the top on both sides should be light in the cages, avoid light left corner. 3, to strengthen the egg-laying peak of the feeding and management. After entering the peak egg laying hens, egg production is not only high, but my weight is increasing, so pay attention to the supply of nutrients, according to the level of egg-laying chickens to preparation of a reasonable diet formulations in order to avoid laying hens cut, de- Yu, prolapse of the rectum. 4, do a good job beak trimming. 6-9 days after the chickens hatched by electric or electric iron beak trimming beak trimming, the beak cut off 1 / 2, under the beak cut off 1 / 3, before or on the cage in the open again when the repair bill, to keep the beak short, under the bill length, smooth without sharp. 5, provide a quiet living environment for egg production. To reduce the discharge of the outside world can cause stress and stimulate the various factors to prevent shock caused by group of frightened chickens hidden danger of cannibalism with the chicken, should be separately kept or eliminated. 6, early detection, timely treatment. Most of the more severe after the bad chicken, there is no therapeutic value. Once a prolapse of the rectum chickens, they should immediately be isolated, for mild symptoms of chicken, use 1% of the **** solution will emerge some wash, then coated with gentian violet, Caesar dressing, or oxytetracycline powder to powder by hand The Anrou reset. Serious restoration by the method ineffective, plastic rubber band can be anal suture suture treatment of ****-style, that chickens by food or **** for two days, control egg, then in the anal with 1% **** injection 5-10ml three or four close sub-injection, then a 20-30cm of plastic rubber band to do sutures, the skin on the left and right in the **** of the two suture needles, the suture knot taut, three days after the stitches that recovered. (Ling Rui)
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