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Introduction of fuel tax advantages and disadvantages too hard on the cargo industry 0 replies,2251 views

Introduction of fuel tax advantages and disadvantages too hard on the freight industry. In mid-November, the National Development and Reform Commission, said about the introduction of fuel tax, fuel and other taxes for 14 years touched the hearts of everyone's nerves. As for the freight market will bring the fuel tax in the end what changes: reducing the burden to the user, or increase the operating costs? Negative for large retail fuel tax positive attitude, although large-scale logistics company, said its operating costs are likely to increase but still the implementation of fuel tax as an opportunity, a good time of industry consolidation. TNT Greater China Group president Xu wave world Arima told the "Commercial Vehicle News" reporter, implementation of fuel tax will allow the past to rely overload, to avoid the tolls are not formal substantially increase the cost of logistics operations, which rely on low past Price competition strategy will also be increasingly difficult to maintain their livelihood. The market will not only further regulate the survival of the fittest logistics market, its direction toward a more healthy and will benefit a large logistics company mergers, acquisitions, weaker enterprises to form a larger scale. In contrast, retail owners are on the imminent implementation of the fuel tax is not welcome for most retail owners, the overload is still their main source of profit, and overloading of vehicles is bound to bring about the rise in fuel consumption, multi-fuel tax overpayment features, no doubt they brought more pressure, but also its viability will be a huge test. Freight rates, oil prices in international oil prices once again game close to 140 dollars a barrel from below $ 50, which allow domestic calls have been calls for a downward adjustment of fuel oil tax levy before the oil price is still unknown whether the reduction. The tariff is even more elusive to. Whether the owner or the logistics company to develop a policy on tariffs are often, there are countermeasures, vehicle owners are not even think about a little extra to get the benefits. If the fuel tax is really to make our operation cost, tariffs will be reduced naturally, we get the benefits are not many. A private owner complained to reporters: The tariffs are now at a comparatively low level, and even some owners stick to their livelihood but also their own money to operate. After the implementation of fuel tax, the key depends on timely cargo freight market reaction, if not increase tariffs, the burden of operating vehicles will further increase, many vehicle owners will have to sell cars, outage, and even conversion line of business. Therefore, oil prices, tariff-volt He rose to this level of earnings will determine the owner. Therefore, the Chinese Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, vice president of Dai-yi that early in the implementation of fuel tax is best to keep the user cost of stable, long-term implementation of the process of gradually exert their regulatory role. More experts pointed out that the state should develop a basic tariff for market information, to avoid shipping always stay in the low-cost competition. Difficult to model demand the release of the recent change in the implementation of fuel tax, for the truck business is a long-term good news. Determined that the wearing of a fuel tax, fuel-efficient, lightweight models will undoubtedly be favored by the market, large tonnage trucks will also play its advantage of high fuel economy, which for the auto companies to improve product strength is a huge boost. Future competition in the market, whose products superior fuel economy, who will win in the market. The implementation of fuel tax, will accelerate the speed of the user traffic updates, sales of automobile companies also have promoted. Although the fuel tax long-term positive, but the car and update the user's demand for vehicles is difficult in the short term impact. The current oversupply of domestic freight vehicles in the economic situation is more sluggish phase, most of the vehicle selection outage, and even car dealers to switch owners. To actually see the fuel tax to the automotive industry of the positive role, but also wait for the market to pick up and economic recovery.
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