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"Twilight zone" that thousands of strange creatures: worms eat crude oil 0 replies,576 views

Antennae eight-footed animal, on its ear with the same fins as swimming, known as the "ambulance airplane" seabed 2,750 meters deep in the northern Gulf of Mexico found that the transparent sea cucumber, according to British newspaper Daily Mail reported recently, scientists for the first time miles deep sea species found in thousands of strange, the international task of the world's marine species census recorded 5,722 kinds of deep-sea species has never been found. Most of these new species of sea life to reach 3 miles deep with a **** that can not withstand the pressure. Sea depth of 200 meters in total with 17,650 kinds of marine life, the sun's rays is called the depth of penetration and photosynthesis in the "twilight zone." That scientists are very surprised that even in the deepest sea biodiversity exist, even in the deep sea is also full of mud at the bottom of species. Marine species in the latest survey form filled with all kinds of strange marine life, such as: researchers have discovered a 6-foot-eight-foot long tentacles of animals, because of its ear with the same fins as swimming, it is called "ambulance aircraft ", it is found in the 1 mile deep in the middle Atlantic ridge. Another is the researchers called a "wildcat" tube worms found in the Gulf of Mexico sea bottom, it was actually the main food of crude oil, which is the investigation by the robot submarine found in the sea, when the oil poured out from the sea floor vents, and The tube worms are devouring a sea of crude oil gushing. Meanwhile, the scientists also found some colorful Atlantic seabed invertebrates, including life on the ocean floor 1.6 miles deep, coral, sea cucumbers and sea urchins. 1.7 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico deep sea, scientists have video capture to a body transparent sea cucumber, which swim through the tentacles of the sea floor. Louisiana State University Robert - Kearney (RobertCarney) Dr. survey the members of the group of marine species, he said: "The underwater world of new species found in the investigation is 'simple and clear', the distribution of species is affected by the sea depth, subject to certain animal physiology, ecology and underwater habitats formed by a combination of factors such as adaptability. in the seabed to survive such harsh conditions is surprising, then, the lack of sea mud and food sources of nutrients, but with low continental edge of the greatest degree of species diversity. "researchers said the diversity of deep-sea species collected mud plains for the scientists is brand new. For example: in the Atlantic Ocean southeast discovered 680 kinds of sea copepod species in only 7 have been identified in; scientists are still found in hundreds of different marine species like the size of earthworm populations, of which 50-85% are scientists does not recognize out. British expert David - Billiter (DavidBillett), said: "The mission found that many marine species survey surprisingly deep sea animals, shows the distribution of the diversity of marine life, and confirmed that we have collected prior to the non-marine species Complete. "It is reported that the investigation of marine species using a variety of technology tools, such as: Rover robot submarines and submarine surveying device, such as drilling machines and trawling.
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