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Yunnan in the manufacture of new energy vehicles, not really nothing new. However, the concept of manufacturing to a new "metal fuel" for the power system to support the new energy vehicles, this is definitely regarded as "the first year of the new energy vehicle development," one of the highlights. This reporter has learned, called "metal electric vehicle," the latest concept of new energy vehicles, vehicle production will be completed in Kunming, Yunnan, one of the most critical part of the battery system will also be produced in Yunnan, the first one to say that the world metal electric bus, entirely Yunnan origin. Yu, Chairman, Gee Tuck Group Co., Ltd. China introduced, this car has been ready for mass production stage. Reputation than the largest lithium battery electric vehicles, "metal electric vehicle" to solve the high prices of short driving range and battery, the use of high cost and other issues. New energy research and development vehicle power systems of all car firms must overcome the problem, and how to find and the amount of output efficiency, stable, low-cost alternative is the key to the first occupation of high ground. The industry view is that: in this Competition in the manufacture of new energy vehicles, all car prices are on the same starting line, the great who are likely to be assigned a piece of cake. Naturally, car prices in Yunnan is no exception. This reporter learned that the metal will be the first to use electric bus transit system in Kunming. Resources to non-carbon fuels aluminum metal, magnesium is abundant (PK results: victory other metal battery) energy storage and power supply and the Chinese Committee of the Secretary-General Materials, Tang China Battery Industry Association has roots introduced in the current lithium battery research and development of electric vehicles , is the most widely used, mature product preparation. But because of its high prices hard to promote large-scale electric vehicle power supply, which is the current high price of electric vehicles in the automobile market one of the reasons. In addition, lead-acid battery and the secondary pollution, low energy, can not be "too far"; Ni-MH batteries from battery energy density, cost and resource issues, unable to meet the demand for electric vehicles; hydrogen Although the oxygen fuel cell performance, and there is no lack of raw materials rich in natural resources issues, but hydrogen production, storage difficulties, and catalyst "platinum", the global reserves is very low, so difficult to achieve in the short term commercialization. R & D is almost more than the current maturity of a new battery, but no production of a battery to completely solve the contradiction between supply and raw materials. The metal used in vehicle fuel carbon-free metallic magnesium, aluminum is an abundant low-cost non-ferrous metals, and the price is low, greatly reducing manufacturing costs, ultimately lowering the price of new energy vehicles. Several modules installed on the vehicle does not have much of the burden. Except Jiajiao general, and even passenger cars and large-tonnage trucks can also be used. "Don had Mulligan said. The cost of lithium batteries using the cost is only 1 / 10 (PK results: cheap batteries, easy to spread) non-carbon metal batteries and lithium batteries as needed in the work done after the exhaustion of charge. During the interview, where owners of doubt, charge is spending a small fortune, accounting not any better than conventional cars to save money down. I chairman explained: "temporarily, said the cost of the first purchase of lithium batteries. Use of lithium batteries cost as much as 5,000 yuan per kilowatt-hour more than the cost per kilowatt hour of hydrogen fuel cells is even higher. Mass production of metal power system, the cost per kilowatt-hour can be controlled below 500 yuan, very competitive. "Effect a single module mileage nearly 1,000 kilometers (PK Results: life wins, lithium battery is only 200 km) According to reports, the metal power module can support vehicles 1,000 km, while charging a lithium battery electric vehicles can only travel about 200 kilometers. In life, the metal battery has obvious advantages, especially for the western provinces of China is more complicated road, only 200 kilometers of life can not meet the needs of users. "Because the battery itself is light weight, multi-vehicle installation of several modules they would have little burden. Except Jiajiao general, and even passenger cars and large-tonnage trucks can also be used. "Don had Mulligan said. Green recycling completely carbon-free (PK Results: The non-carbon concept, better than other products)," the general reduction of 1 kg of metal fuel consumption of carbon-free electricity only about 12 kWh, while fuel is equivalent to 1 kg of metal 2L conventional diesel-driven cars to the work done, per liter of diesel burned to produce 2.268 kg of carbon dioxide. Reduction of a 12 kWh of electricity to replace 1 kg of metal fuel 2L fossil fuel diesel, can reduce the 4.536 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions, thereby achieving the environmental protection and sustainable development. "Don has root calculations to reporters. In addition, the use of carbon-free aluminum metal batteries, not only low cost, as well as the advantages of non-toxic. Supplementary metal power system or by direct metal fuel and electrolyte replacement to maintain momentum system up and running. metal magnesium, aluminum and no negative impact on the environment, the replacement of metal oxide down to achieve reduction of fuel and recycling the electrolyte. backgrounder on July 5 this year, this newspaper published the "Industrial Park in Kunming is expected to revive the U.S. "As of press, journalists can only verify to the United States and the industrial park in Kunming have changed hands to others, and for disk access to the specific message is unknown. Recently, a reporter once again came to industrial park." United States "the words still hanging on in the plant angle, but the security guards have been changed to the park called the new boss, the office downstairs is also full of parked vehicles, industrial park, "resurrection" of the signs of becoming increasingly apparent. two months before the interview he gave to the new owner intends to develop new energy vehicles. until the reporter an exclusive interview face to face, then set the side, more than China Holdings Limited, Chairman, Gee Tuck has one year to the metal brewing Yunnan vehicle manufacturing program was opened a mysterious veil. Terminology metal vehicles and water vehicles , aerodynamic cars, metal electric vehicle for most people, the concept is a very jerky. In order to answer reader's questions, the reporter interviewed the first to propose the concept of metal fuel cell energy storage and power supply and the Chinese Committee of materials Secretary-General of China Battery Industry Association Don has its roots. According to reports, conventionally powered vehicle fuel engine and fuel supply system components is the existence of fuel tanks of fuel through the fuel the engine work done to fossil fuel energy directly into mechanical energy as the vehicle power. The metal The **** system components, electric vehicle power system is metal, metal, power module filler metal aluminum and magnesium. will be installed on metal fuel ****'s metal fuel electrochemical power system through the role of the metal discharge to the metal fuel chemical energy into electrical energy as vehicle power. At the same time, from the chemical theory, to aluminum, for example, acting after the aluminum into alumina into aluminum by electrolytic reduction, this process is completely carbon-free and can be used unlimited times.
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