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Bill of Lading (Ocean Bill of Lading) bill of lading is the carrier or his agent after the receipt of the goods, a document issued to the shipper. Bill of lading is issued by the carrier or his agent a receipt for goods, evidence of ownership of goods, the transport contract or certificate. Sea Waybill (Sea Waybill) and the role of ocean in the form of a single bill of lading with the similar, the main feature is that the consignee has clearly specified. The consignee does not need to submit original receipts, and only prove that they are shipping to a single delivery of the goods specified in the consignee. Therefore, the sea can not be assigned a single substance, its relatively narrow range of applications, mainly for the transport of goods between members of multinational companies. Railway consignment note (Railway Bill) issued by the railway transport carrier shipping documents. It is the income, the shipper contract with the railway transport between. After the issuance of their original counterparts with the goods, a copy of the two sides issued to the shipper for the trade settles. In the time of the loss of goods can also be used for Xiang railways claim. * Railway consignment note is not a document of title. AWB (Air Waybill) by the air carrier or its agent to issue the shipping documents. It is the receipt of the carrier received the goods, but also transportation between the shipper contract with the carrier, but do not have the nature of documents of title, so air waybill is not negotiable. Shipping notice (Shipping Advice) after the goods leave the place of dispatch, sent by the exporter to the importer of the goods certain amount of notice which has shipment notification documents. Conditions in the FOB or CFR, importers need to import goods shipping notice to the insurance, it is generally required to leave the exporter of the goods within two business days after shipment to the importer give a shipping notice. Bill of Lading (Delivery Order) importer (consignee) in the goods arrive at their destination, with the bill of lading and other transport documents to the agent of the carrier in exchange for the delivery document for processing import customs clearance, delivery and other procedures.
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