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First, import licensing generally, there is no import license of goods into Iraq will be treated as smuggled goods shall be confiscated and auctioned. In general, import licenses are issued only to identify the importers, including state-owned commercial companies, government procurement agency or a business at the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce members. Import license from the issuing date of 12 months effective. State Secretary for the Ministry of Trade is responsible for managing the import and export added import permit issued to the private sector. A permit issued to the private sector since the issuance of 4 months from the date of effect. Import license must include the name of the importer, trade names, product specification, value (price and freight, not including insurance and packaging fees), quantity (in tonnes or by piece), place of shipment, origin, time , Classification of goods and the customs rules. Second, the import tariff google_protectAndRun ("render_ads.js:: google_render_ad", google_handleError, google_render_ad); imported goods have to pay duty, stamp duty and defense tax, some countries need the products and machinery free of customs duties on temporary imports of goods, must pay the equivalent of one-eighth of the Customs Tariff duties, when its then exit, this part of the tariff could be repaid. Iraq's import tariffs to develop a single table. Number of these projects is the amount of tax, but the main thing is ad valorem tax. Entry of goods by mail, the tariff does not exceed 100 Fair (0.1 dinars), and can duty-free into the customs. In addition, import duty should be levied on all the items have to be the equivalent of class card surcharge of 15% tariff. Samples of no commercial value and trade directories (including price lists, flyers and posters) are allowed duty-free into the customs. Third, the import documentation 1. Commercial invoice commercial invoice must include a detailed description of the goods shipped, including the place of departure and the origin of production of goods. If the goods produced in other countries contain some, its percentage of the goods shall be described, and the need to specify the full name and address of the manufacturer. Commercial invoice must be original and 5 copies sent to the consignee, but only the originals need to be legally proved. Air cargo, the loading of the goods should have 3 copies of commercial invoices, and other copy should be sent to the consignee. 2. Requires at least 3 copies of bills of lading, and bills of lading shall be indicated on the shipping name, consignee name and address, destination, description of the goods, freight and other expenses, the total number of copies of bills of lading, the carrier officially recognized boat signature and date of receipt. In addition, the carrier should also specify the nationality of the ship, otherwise, the bank will refuse to accept these files. In air cargo, the airway bill replaces the bill of lading. 3. Certificate of origin certificate of origin to find the appropriate Chamber of Commerce, the first proof, and then sent to the Embassy to prove its legitimacy. The manufacturer stated on the certificate shall not include the Iraqi government's blacklist. 4. Packing lists and other documents sent with the packing list along with two copies of the above listed separately within each container cargo, including trademark, description, weight, size, quantity and color. 5. Analysis shows that imports of antibiotics, compounds and agents are required to have an English analysis of proof. It must be recognized by a specialized laboratory specified in the form of certificates issued, and every 6 months to provide a notarized Certificate of Analysis. Fourth, labeling and packaging and warehousing Tags: imported cloth, the best logo affixed to the bottom of cloth; imported medicines, the label instructions on the proper use of Arabic; imports of alcoholic beverages, the label shall be in English and write Arabic, "specifically for Iraq" message. Packaging: the packaging of goods should be able to withstand rough handling port of Basra, fabric should be packed in boxes, and tight with wire hoop to prevent the transit loss. Storage: customs warehouse the goods into Iraq, whether entry, storage or re-export, must register, cleaning, and storage from the moment when the two months to shore (limited air cargo a month.) Within the prescribed period of unclaimed goods, Customs will conduct the auction in Iraq. Five, the free trade zone in its southern Iraqi authorities in Basra has been the establishment of a free trade zone near Hong Kong, as to attract foreign investment and the development of foreign trade window. The Free Trade Area of the main storage of goods, assembly, repackaging, cleaning and finishing with ease. Since the end of 1997, a number of foreign companies, especially some Arab countries has to negotiate with the Iraqi authorities to set up the Free Trade Area of the investment projects. I suggested that China's relevant foreign trade companies should seize the opportunity to do something as soon as possible in the region.
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