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Yesterday, the National Bureau of Economic Monitoring Centre of the Chinese Xinhua outside consulting firm released the letter in the third quarter of 2009, "China's auto industry climate index." The results showed that the automotive industry boom of the third quarter was picked up, car sales surged year on year, industry profits significantly improved compared with the first half, but the auto and auto parts export market situation remains grim. The report shows that the third quarter of this year, the automotive industry sentiment index was 99.6, compared with 96.9 in the second quarter increased by 2.7 points. This shows that the economic situation is significantly improved automotive industry, automobile sector has bottomed out, into the upstream channel. Running in the automotive industry which reflects the degree of early warning indicators for hot and cold, the third quarter index was 90.0, up 3.3 points from the previous quarter, picked up two consecutive quarters. Index of the interval division under the early warning, early warning indicators third quarter, the automotive industry to continue to run in the green zone, indicating that the auto industry boom in good condition. In a business confidence index, index for the third quarter of 127.5, compared with the second quarter, up 2.3 points. Entrepreneurs by the end of the automotive industry automotive market holds strong confidence, and optimism continue to increase. Although the third quarter, major economic indicators of the domestic auto industry, substantial growth year on year, but the global economy has yet to recover from the financial crisis, countries in a broad surge in trade protectionism trend for China's automotive frequent trade protection measures, China's auto and auto parts exports still face difficulties. For the fourth quarter forecasts, the report said, because at the end of preferential policies about to expire, may have a certain car at the end of stimulation, the fourth-quarter auto market will continue to maintain high growth, the industry business cycle will continue to rise, production and operation of the automotive industry will maintain a good momentum, production, sales and other key indicators will be further increased, corporate profitability will continue to improve. Entrepreneurs, managers and dealers generally have confidence in the fourth quarter increased automobile market, the market determine the future optimistic. Labor demand in the enterprise, that the increased demand for the fourth quarter of the proportion of labor was 62.5%, while 37.5% believe that labor demand is stable, with the third quarter. In addition, in terms of capital and financing, there are nearly as entrepreneurs determine the fourth quarter were better than the third quarter. Policy is still around next year's auto market is an important factor in the trend, "from a policy standpoint, is certainly conducive to the development of the automotive industry more and more things that will not weaken." NBS chief economist Yao Jingyuan reporters yesterday, CBN interview of road.
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