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Carbon dioxide incubator incubator cabinets in the simulation by the formation of a similar cell / tissue growth in vivo environment such as a constant pH (pH value :7.2-7 .4), stable temperature (37C), high relative humidity (95 %), stable CO2 level (5%) to the cell / tissue culture in vitro of a device. Caution: 1, carbon dioxide incubator without water can not be opened before the power switch, otherwise it will damage the heating elements. 2, the incubator is running a few months later, the water **** may be reduced because of evaporation, when the low water level indicator light should be supplemented with water. First open the overflow pipes, rubber tubing connected with the funnel to add water from a water hole so that the low water level indicator light is off, then add water metering, and then plug the overflow hole. 3, CO2 sensor is calibrated in saturated humidity, and therefore must always be equipped with wet disc ****. 4, When the temperature exceeds the set temperature setting 1 over-temperature warning indicator light, and a sharp warning sound, then power should be shut down for 30 minutes; if more turn the power switch is still overheating, you should turn the power off and report to maintenance personnel . 5, the cylinder should be replaced when the cylinder pressure is lower than 0.2Mpa. 6, to minimize the time to open the glass door. 7, if the incubator for a long time not to close the studio must be removed before the water, open the glass door closed after 24 hours of ventilation. 8, clean incubator studio, do not touch the sensor and the stirring motor wind turbines and other components. 9, dismantling the studio stand guard, you must use the random special wrench, not excessive force. 10, handling incubator cabinets must be removed before the water supply, drainage, will rubber sleeve at the water hole, so that the nozzle below the instrument, gently puff, put down the pipe, the water is siphoning out. 11, before moving out of the studio incubator shelves and humidification plate glass doors to prevent collision damage. 12, transport incubator can not invert, but must not lift door, the door to prevent deformation.
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