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While companies in the logistics industry in China more and more, but compared with other countries, most companies simply can not be called a true logistics company, with the full liberalization of China's logistics market, China's logistics industry is also facing many challenges and opportunities. Challenge a recently registered as a logistics company in China the number of the sand, but is currently facing a serious asymmetry of supply and demand. According to the State Council Development Research Center recently published a survey report, now a considerable number of enterprise and small but still large and the small social mode of operation, 36% and 46% of the raw materials, logistics and suppliers by the commitment of their own, The commitment by professional logistics enterprises only 18%; product sales in the logistics part of the 24% by enterprises themselves, 60% are shared with third-party companies, third party logistics providers bear only 16%. 53% and 39% of production companies have a fleet of commercial enterprises, 59% of the production enterprises and 44% of business enterprises owned warehouse, but they also have a special railway line of 3%. The data show that the needs of the logistics industry in theory and practice space is still a considerable gap between market demand. However, when the market situation is unclear, the Mainland has registered more and more logistics companies. Currently in Shanghai has thousands of registered logistics companies, the highest month actually up 300. Walking on the road, anywhere can see a small block of certain logistics trucks hung signs, street or open space with no one stuck a logistics base for a certain brand. From this point of view, mainland logistics industry is in a relative excess of the bubble. Network Information Technology Co., Ltd. COSCO Logistics chief engineer Huang Lei Jieshao, compared with foreign logistics enterprises, China's logistics enterprises the ability to use presence information among a large two small problems. The middle is the middle of a large information processing capacity has reached a very high level, such as COSCO Logistics is concerned, already has a very well integrated logistics information system, including order, warehouse, distribution management systems, as well as freight, flyers systems, But compared with foreign logistics enterprises, rely on these data, intelligent handling of high-end business processes to change the design and application also can not be achieved, In addition, the use of RFID scanning, on-site processing power is also weak. Challenge, high oil prices, further increasing the cost of logistics operations. The first half of this year showed rapid increases in international crude oil price trend in domestic oil prices also will increase, and in the second half of the international oil prices, domestic prices have not come down. Domestic oil price increases on the transport of large increase in operating costs will accelerate the domestic logistics industry reshuffle. Oil prices touched directly the cost of business-sensitive nerves, naked and exposed the size of the enterprises the ability to deal with cost pressures. The face of cost pressures of rising oil prices, strong companies can use market dominance to force price increases, and more small businesses in the teeth, hard carry dead. Three challenges, intense competition in the industry, the logistics industry to start a new round of reshuffle. China's logistics industry, with oil prices, tolls, and road maintenance and other cost increases, profits have been entered by the relatively low-profit era of intense competition in the industry increased the industry's survival of the fittest will start a new round of reshuffle. At present the majority of logistics enterprises in China's Automotive also engaged in traditional transport of goods, and a very low concentration, the current local road transport enterprises in China accounted for the largest share is not to 1%. Higher-level scale of the proportion of third-party logistics business is still quite small. Scattered, chaotic, and small features will still be the leading Automotive Logistics in a long time, but is gradually improving, and foreign road transport has been cut into China's Automotive giant cargo transportation market. Such as road nation's largest LTL freight company YRC Global (YRC Worldwide) recently invested $ 44,700,000, the acquisition of the largest LTL trucking and road transport service providers Shanghai Jiayu Logistics Co., Ltd. 65% of the shares, the official involved in China's road transport market. Roadway Global 1,000 branches worldwide and more than 80 million customers, mainly to provide transport services, transportation management solutions and logistics management. The Shanghai Jiayu Logistics company currently has over 30,000 customers and over 3,000 vehicles, a transport network. Roadway Global Managing Director of Asia could range up to say, the current customers Jiayu is also the main business, but soon the world will bring a lot of Yellow Roadway introduced to U.S. customers Jia Yu, who also has business operations in China. The United States can provide global logistics and transportation services, which is the world wanted to buy a Yellow Roadway road transport enterprises in China an important driving force. In addition, YRC to connect the world is still the work of the Asian land transport network. Said a logistics enterprise, small and medium enterprises in the future may face the logistics more up for grabs in the state, and medium-sized logistics enterprises can no longer operate as extensive as in the past, or will be a disadvantage in competition with foreign . Fan can be reached also pointed out that the future will definitely see more consolidation in the industry, but it also requires a lot of years.
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