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Metal halide lamp and the advantages and disadvantages of the related principles 0 replies,5785 views

Metal halide lamp with its high luminous efficiency, small size and well received by people concerned about this test all aspects of the metal halide lamp for a brief introduction. First, the process of metal halide lamp metal halide lamp emitting a small amount of metal halide filled and gases, from the light to be triggered to normal over a minute, roughly divided into three stages. 1. trigger stage. Metal halide lamp is no filament, only two electrodes, with working voltage can not be ignited directly, you must first add high-pressure gas ionization within the lamp. pressure generated by a special trigger. 2. fire stage. lamp trigger, the electrodes of the discharge voltage and further heating the electrode to form a glow discharge, and to create conditions for the arc discharge. 3. the normal light phase. In under the action of glow discharge, the electrode temperature is rising, the number of electrons emitted more and more rapid transition to arc discharge. As the temperature increased further, the lamp until the light is growing normally, the whole process to be a minute, if you start current, power on performance, this process can be shorter. Second, the luminescence mechanism of the metal halide lamp metal halide lamp metal halide as a light-emitting mainly depend on material, metal halide lamps exist in solid form inside. Therefore, the lights inside the ignition must be filled with a small amount of hydrogen or xenon gas to light the lamp. lamp lit, the first work in the low pressure arc discharge state, at this light polarization voltage is very low, about 18 ~ 20V, light output rarely, when the main production of heat, making the entire lamp body heating, the introduction of the metal halide lamp with increasing temperature continuously evaporated into vapor metal halide, in the role of thermal convection, the constant flow of the arc center, part of the Metal Halide Arc 5500 ~ 6000K by pyrolysis, a metal atom and halogen atoms, in the electric field, the metal atoms are excited luminescence; another part of the metal halide arc not to be decomposed by high temperature, high temperature and electric field in the dual role, directly stimulate the formation of molecular luminescence.
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