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What is the difference between t4 lamp tube t5 lamp models to talk about the "T" represent the meaning behind the numbers we often use fluorescent tubes, right? Now commonly used T8, T5, T4 lamp, commonly used in the previous two years have T10, T12. So, the "T" in the end what does that mean? T5 and T4 What is the difference? "T", said White had, in fact, on behalf of the tube diameter. Each "T" is 1 / 8 inch. One inch equals 25.4 mm. T8 lamp is then the diameter of 25.4mm. The rest of the numbers corresponding to the following: T12 diameter of 38.1 mm T10 diameter of 31.8 mm T8 diameter of 25.4 mm T5 diameter of 16 mm T4 diameter of 12.7 mm T3.5 diameter of 6.4 mm diameter, 11.1 mm T2 Theoretically, the finer the higher the efficiency of the lamp, that is, that the more luminous the same wattage. Actual use, the thin tube easily concealed, the use of flexible occasions, which is why the T5, T4 fluorescent tubes are the reason for the designers favored, however, the finer the more difficult the lamp starts, it developed to a T5 lamp it is necessary to start using electronic ballasts. In order to save costs, T5, T4 have adopted the form of micro-scaffold for sale, is ballast with micro-space inside the stent, this ballast efficiency and quality are generally not good, resulting in high efficiency lamp should be rather than conventional T8 lamp light, life has also some discount. Nevertheless, the temptation is great thin tube, T5, T4 lamp sales growing larger. Specific to the different T5 and T4, summed up the following points: 1, different diameters, 16mm VS 13mm. 2, the brightness difference, in theory, should be T4, high efficiency, but because of the quality of the ballast problem, many more T4 T5 not as bright. 3, different life and stability, T4 T5 as mature, so the current life expectancy is slightly shorter than the T5.
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