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Recently, hosted by China expert Wang Liru focimeter revised international standards has passed the final round of voting, as an international standard draft for approval, which the field of international standardization of ophthalmic optics and the IOA on two principles FOA focimeter 10-year dispute draw on the successful close. Procedures through the final round of voting technology to solve a 10-year debate, the standard as an international standard is no longer any suspense. More importantly, this standard adopts the advantages of our technology. Meter glasses and **** as the production, use and import and export power, especially the two principles of FOA and the IOA focimeter equal shares, cancel any of the meters will focus on China glasses manufacturer, quality inspection institutions and enterprises which sell glasses significant losses. Therefore, the technical standards as an international standard of great significance to China. Wang Liru is the first revision will be broke up the domestic and international well-known field of ophthalmic optics research and standardization experts, the Chinese Institute of Standardization of Optical Engineering Research Office, the National eye and face protection Standardization Technical Committee Vice Chairman and Secretary General, ISO Optics and Photonics optics and instruments Technical Committee Sub-Committee (ISO/TC172/SC7, hereinafter referred to as SC7) Working Group on the lens photometric instruments (WG10) Convenor, writer drafted the "contact lens with a focal lens meter calibration" international standards. Currently, Wang Liru is charge of formulating the focus of two new international standard meter. According to Wang Liru introduced, ISO first published in 1996, the "focus meter" international standards. According to ISO guidelines, released 5 years of international standards should be revised. SC7 in 2001 to "focus meter," the amendment put on the agenda. In SC7 in with the "**** meter" international standards working group, including the spectacle lenses (WG3) ophthalmic instruments (WG6) and contact lens (WG9) 3 working groups. WG3 major spectacle lens manufacturers in Europe as the representative, WG6 dominated by the Americans, and WG9 from Europe and America split the world. In view of "focal meter" international standards relating to the multi-stakeholder, in 2001 held in Germany SC7 has decided that the annual WG3 and WG6 form a joint working group, and WG6 based on the standard revision. Wang Liru time as WG3, WG6, WG9 experts, also participate in the Joint Working Group being. She did not foresee was that the Joint Working Group held its first plenary meeting had a heated debate. Wang Liru recalled that, in the ISO meeting, because the standard content dispute things have occurred, is not surprising, however, like the other's nose pointed at the table slapping fight is rare. Outcome of the meeting broke up naturally, just set up a joint working group to disintegrate, FOA and the IOA for the later battle potential problems. 1996 edition of "Focus Meter" revision of international standards this is shelved, but a place that is 5 years. The so-called FOA and the IOA, is the focus of two different measurement principles meter. In recent years, progressive multifocal lens market share is increasing. Progressive multifocal lens is a high value-added advanced products, consumers can view through a lens while addressing the needs of distant and near vision. The principles of FOA, and the focus of two different IOA meters, measuring the next progressive multifocal lenses will add brightness works differently as a result of measurement bias. FOA and the IOA is the **** of the dispute, as the representative of the European manufacturer of spectacle lenses that focus the different principles of meter error will seriously affect the measurement accuracy of glasses, must be controlled; and the United States, Japan, represented by the instrument manufacturers is that the instrument should not limit the measurement principle. New working group to achieve a good start in 2006, "focimeter" the promulgation of international standards has been 10 years. 10 years on the international market, eyeglass lenses, contact lenses or even the product itself focimeter earth-shaking changes have taken place. Resin lens glasses lens into the mainstream, progressive multifocal lenses and other high-tech market share of more and more, contact lenses are also constantly upgrading, and even the principle of focimeter manual focus from the traditional type to the advanced AF. In particular, the introduction of computer software technology, and different light sources of different receiver transformation to make focimeter generated a lot of hard thinking and traditional techniques with the traditional interpretation of the new error. Since the globalization of trade, countries are inconsistent due to product caused by the measurement of technical barriers have increasingly become an insurmountable barrier to amend the "focus meter" standard without delay. May 2006 SC7 held in Switzerland at the annual meeting, WG3 again set up a joint working group, WG6 opposition, recommended Wang Liru as project leader, and insisted the team should work under the leadership of WG6; and WG9 is considered as not established Joint Working Group is not important, they do not fight on the line. The last day of the annual meeting of the two opinions are still deadlocked. In the "focus meter" standard protracted and must be amended, and national experts dispute helpless and exhausted face of the case, the meeting on whether to agree to set up a new working group has to vote again, the results of most countries support the formation of a new working group. Then the President announced: In accordance with the provisions of ISO Guide, the President shall nominate candidates for the new convenor of the Working Group. I nominate Miss Wang Liru China. Participants responded with warm applause. Wang Liru become the new convenor of the Working Group on the WG10. February 2007, from 12 ISO member countries 35 experts designated by the formation of the inaugural meeting of WG10 was held in Hangzhou, meeting the revised standards focimeter proposed new program, formed by the three decided to form a new standard focimeter series of standards, including "general purpose focimeter" will involve the FOA and the IOA issues. China has become the minority argument upgrade the new working group set up a new work program also identified. However, on the FOA and the IOA focimeter dispute did not subside. The end of October 2007, SC7 annual meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Given focimeter International Organization of Legal Metrology is (OIML) included in the compulsory verification of measuring instruments, in order to strengthen the coordination between the two organizations, SC7 decided to exchange liaison officers with the OIML. At this meeting, Wang Liru be assigned to SC7 and optical measuring instruments OIML technical committees between the liaison officers. Focimeter standard of this year's another important issue, SC7 plenary session will be proposed by the WG10 "focimeter" standards into the new series of standards proposed and approved the "general purpose focimeter" and the same Another series of standards, "focal lens meter check" project, SC7 standards designated Wang Liru the project as head of the two. As convenor of a working group, at the same time as the project leader of two international standards and OIML liaison officer assigned to the ISO within the very rare. Wang Liru recalled that, WG10 is in the world to face this important focimeter serious differences between the technical standards established by the context, so the Tokyo meeting, national experts argue fierce confrontation occurred several times. On the one hand the necessary technical disputes, the other is an attempt to control and influence the world powers newly established WG10, especially in France, the United States and Japan, the worst. China faces it is necessary to adhere to an independent, free from control of his country, while also coordinating the interests of good relations between countries in the world, from protecting the interests of the major challenges in China. FOA and the IOA Tokyo meeting will struggle to a climax. Unsuccessful in the case of debate, WG3 plenary session on the last day of the proposed new international standards to retain only one of FOA or IOA focimeter principle, and to demand a poll. SC7 Secretariat accepted this proposal, the result is 8:3. 3 negative votes were from China, the United States and Japan, European countries and the European Union together to win a majority. Wang Liru analysis is that the final decision of the annual Tokyo Duijiao meter standard argument to voting to vote within the Commission SC7 revealed the existence of deep-seated contradictions. WG3 proposed technology base is immature, without the prior extensive comments. Vote on immature proposals on the spot, and win a majority of the European Union together, allegedly politicizing technical problems, caused by the presence of many experts in the offensive. Bear the brunt of China, expressed strong opposition. Tokyo Conference that the "focus meter" standard revision again deadlocked. Coordinated multi-turn led to the situation after the Tokyo meeting, SC7 Chairman (unable to attend the Tokyo Conference) was informed of the results and hear a reflection of some foreign experts, in telephone communication with Wang Liru learn more about the idea of China, the final decision to remedy an emergency meeting. December 2007, an emergency meeting held in Germany, attended the meeting, only SC7 Chairman, SC7 Secretary-General, WG3 convenor and Wang Liru. The conference began at 9 am until 7 pm, only half an hour break at noon to eat sandwiches. After everyone was exhausted when finally achieved a consensus. Minutes writes: support and assistance, and Miss Wang Liru WG10 meter standard should focus on the major challenges is to SC7, including the Chairman, the Secretary-General, and the Committee of the Whole, including the WG3 Convenor of the target; Tokyo Conference provoked a major debate, can not expect to obtain short-term results, it is a long-term goals, may need 10 years or even longer. April 2008, WG10 meeting in New York, WG3 represented, SC7 Chairman also made a special trip to attend the meeting. To coordinate and resolve conflicts, Wang Liru team in the pre-done a lot of technical preparation, including the February 2008 meeting of the National Institute of Standardization in China, Japan and Korea ISO expert meeting, organized FOA and the two principles focus Du IOA terms of international comparison of domestic and foreign brands of progressive multifocal different measurement and analysis, prepare technical reports and experimental data from the technical breakthrough in finding solutions to international disputes and a series of work. New York meeting, from Spain (on behalf of WG3), the United States and China, three experts were reported on their focus meter standard point of view. Wang Liru The report is based on the following 3 points: First, a large number of experimental data and theoretical analysis shows that, FOA and the IOA between two different measurement principles focimeter deviation is limited within the controllable range; the second is if you can not requirements of the global spectacle lens is only based on a design principle, why should only adopt a demanding focimeter design principles; third is in the market only to retain a principle of the proposal will focus meter glasses industry with the world to economic loss, does not meet the ISO spirit. Then, she represented Japan and South Korea on the current international debate has raised new solutions, U.S. experts from the side to give the support and response. As China's view of the experimental data with a solid support, put forward practical solutions and, ultimately, most experts agree that meeting. China's technology as a way out of international disputes is the essence of the Chinese point of view, any instrument has a error, can not be unworthy. Focus should be calibrated meter, then use the calibration correction value to FOA and the IOA to coexist. This was the focus of quality and technical supervision departments over the years compulsory meter measured the success of management experience. The summer of 2005, when the international measurement of the Secretary's visit to China, said Wang Liru had on you in the ophthalmic optics field experience is worth promoting to the world. International measurement referring to the Secretary as early as the late 80s of last century began focusing on the measurement of meter verification and calibration, which unified the nation's top optical industry focus measure to promote the quality of the product glasses increased. In foreign countries, this area has been the quality and measurement management in the blank. It is understood that some of the early 90's in China is not foreign brands through calibrating the flow meter was the focus of U.S. and European markets, which is the reason why there are so many countries long opposed to the coexistence of FOA, and one of the reasons IOA. China is ****'s largest producer of meter, but also the use and import and export power. All provinces of China except Taiwan, the city quality supervision departments have carried out optical quality inspection work, the provincial capital city with at least two two or more glasses focimeter product quality inspection institutions, the majority of other cities and developed regions At least county-level city with a focus meter testing organization. Large enterprises and even with glasses more than 10 focimeter. Production licenses in accordance with the provisions of glasses, all the glasses retail stores also must be equipped with **** meters, while the number of retail outlets nationwide glasses over 30,000. For a long time, China's optical market FOA and the IOA has been the focus of the two principles of equal shares meter. The price of a **** is 1 meter to 3 million, if the international standards FOA or IOA can retain a principle instrument, and the quality of glasses industry bodies out of the market will have nearly half the number of existing The focus meter, and then go buy another principle focus meters, resulting in direct economic losses of at least 2 to 3 million or more. At the same time, the focus of the existing meter manufacturers will change because of international standards must be related to the production process and equipment adjustments, the loss is enormous. For 10 years on the FOA and the IOA of international disputes finally come to an end. Tokyo from October 2007 to May 2009 meeting of the Berlin meeting agreed that the draft standards up to international standards, draft, during which changes after 8. Only a dozen pages of the original standard, while a total of 34 new standards, the workload is huge. Successfully coordinated the new standard are two ways to dispute, but also 10 years into the glasses lenses, contact lens and focus between the meter measuring the emergence of new technology and new change. The most important is that the standards reflect the real advantage of technology as the leading Chinese, including the use of calibration correction value; automatically lensmeter nonlinear error; measuring contact lens should be the focus of a dedicated parity meter lens ; focus meter measurement uncertainty analysis. Speaking of experience, Wang Liru that this international standard-setting process, on the one hand the theoretical study to explore the development of standardized experimental verification standard new model of scientific research, on the other hand, is also in order to achieve technical and economic aspects of China's interests to maximize the experience gained . "China Quality Daily"
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