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Abstract: We will use a variety of daily life, household appliances and electronic products, many people know that under certain conditions, these waves may be electromagnetic pollution, harm to human health. However, the electromagnetic radiation have any effect on the **** in the end, under what circumstances will affect the ****, most people are not too clear. In order to uncover the secrets of electromagnetic radiation, the letter reported that laboratory linked to the electromagnetic radiation monitoring of the professional bodies, nine of our everyday appliances were used in testing. A status: as long as household appliances has become invisible ****, always produce electromagnetic radiation, the different electrical, electromagnetic radiation levels are also different. Monitoring Co., Ltd of Qingdao, one of a new Director Tang told reporters that electromagnetic radiation was only the last four decades, a new awareness of environmental pollution, and now people understand and electromagnetic radiation is still in research stage, as it looks not seen, touched, difficult to detect, so easy to arouse people's concern. New Tang said that with television, computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and other appliances into our lives, leading to the space we live a lot more waves, which are electromagnetic waves, must have radiation on the ****, and will affect our health, different electromagnetic radiation generated by electrical appliances vary, but the same kinds of electrical, electromagnetic radiation will not be much difference. Tang said a new, based on their work experience, some electrical electromagnetic radiation are the largest computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens, electric stove, refrigerator, hair dryer, electromagnetic pollution produced by these appliances and may even lead to cancer, can be said that the electromagnetic radiation has become a modern society, invisible ****. B Hazard: The six major hazards of electromagnetic radiation electromagnetic radiation for specific hazards, the new Tang said, he learned that there are six kinds, the first is, electromagnetic radiation is most likely caused by one of the causes of childhood leukemia, because medical research proved that a long period of high electromagnetic radiation environment, make blood, lymph and cell protoplasm change. Electromagnetic radiation can induce and accelerate the proliferation of human cancer cells. Tang said a new, electromagnetic radiation pollution on the human circulatory system, immune, reproductive and metabolic function, but also induced severe cancer, and accelerate the proliferation of human cancer cells. Now many young people prefer to phone in his trouser pockets, this will affect the reproductive system. Tang said a new, electromagnetic radiation on human reproductive system, mainly in lower sperm quality for men, pregnant women prone to spontaneous abortion and fetal malformation. In addition, Tang noted that the new long life and strong electromagnetic radiation in the environment, can lead to children's mental defects; influence people's cardiovascular system, manifested as palpitations, insomnia, part of the female menstrual disorder, bradycardia, cardiac blood volume reduction , sinus arrhythmia, decreased immune function and so on. Another point is that electromagnetic radiation affects the human visual system. New Tang said that because the eye is most sensitive to electromagnetic radiation the **** organs, excessive electromagnetic pollution causes decreased visual acuity, cataracts, and even retinal detachment and so on. C measures: Do not focus on home appliances may sound very scary place, but the public need not panic, after all, every minute we are not very strong electromagnetic radiation in the environment were. But, we must note that as little as possible to live in such an environment. Tang said a new, people in different age capacity of the electromagnetic radiation is not the same, the elderly, children, pregnant women are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation group, so they should be kept away from the strong electromagnetic radiation environment. How to avoid the effects of electromagnetic radiation, Deng said a new, all kinds of household appliances, office equipment, mobile phones, should avoid prolonged operation, try to avoid a variety of office and household appliances also enabled. As for the home appliance should be how to avoid electromagnetic radiation, Deng said a new, not to put too focused on household appliances, in particular, electromagnetic waves are easy to produce household appliances, such as the induction cooker, radio, computers, refrigerators, etc. Try not to put together not to be placed in the bedroom. To alleviate the family living room and the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution, should be kept on the room ventilation for air circulation. Tang said a new, whether at work or home life, we must pay attention to the **** and the distance between office and home appliances, the use of various electrical appliances should be kept a certain distance, the farther away from electrical appliances, by electromagnetic waves against the smaller, such as color televisions the distance with people should be 4 to 5 meters, and the distance between fluorescent tube should be 2 to 3 meters, used to leave a cooker meters, microwave ovens in the open, they need to leave at least 1 meters. In addition, the reporter learned that daily doses of vitamin C or a certain amount to eat more fresh vegetables rich in vitamin C, can also reduce the electromagnetic radiation on the **** caused by injury. Field testing of 8 appliances are 7 kinds of excessive journalists in Xuzhou Road, residents in their home in the 9 daily appliances were tested, and with the provisions of the Security Value 5v / m were compared, was detected in 9 appliances, only plug-in heater and LCD TVs in the radiation safety of the state. Induction technical staff holding detector, when the cooker just turn on the current switch, detector changes the value immediately, even reaching its highest value of 875v / m, two minutes later, when the cooker is in a stable state, its value is also in 136 ~ 316v / m between the fluctuations. This little electric hair dryer radiation on the **** not small. Hair dryer at a press conference will be open to the maximum power, value and technical personnel in the detection of 105 ~ 170v / m between. LCD TV LCD TV almost excluding radiation, technicians Frequency Field Strength Meter used to measure liquid crystal display, the result is gratifying, its value has been 3 ~ 4v / m between the fluctuations. Flat screen monitors on the residents of the home in the flat screen monitors to test, in front of the monitor measured results in 163 ~ 465v / m, between the back of the exposure to radiation in the 249 ~ 379v / m between. The average value of microwave radiation in the microwave oven 356v / m, beyond the security value of 73 times. Electric water heater technicians Frequency Field Strength Meter near the water heater and water heater around the shaking test, the value displayed on the instrument is always in 3v / m or less, it is safe. Range hood range hood test results surprising, the average value detected in 150v / m or so, more than 30 times higher than the safety value. Normal operation of the refrigerator in the refrigerator, its highest radiation reaching 685v / m. And when the moment power is switched off the refrigerator, the radiation values as high as 1603v / m, while keeping the radiation level is also 120v / m or so. Source: China Building Material
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