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First, the domestic industry, the development of modern cooking road to play cooking from the date of the birth date, the development of Chinese cooking has come a full 1 years, and modern Chinese cooking industry as the formation of an independent and vigorous development of commercial activities, should be the number of the last 40 years. Food, clothing, shelter, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, seven mankind the basic needs of life, first in the industry to be seen a solid market base in the industry level. Interestingly, however, the demand for first position in the industry in most cases is not a high degree of concern in the industry, and the formation of every industry and changes are under the premise of the high attention to complete. Briefly scan the three sectors of the industry high degree of concern, we can see that the industry is undergoing a major difference in the eve sprint competition, not a cookware brand industry-absolute advantage, but in a leading position in the individual has a comparative advantage , cooking utensils manufacturing brands have a new shuffle opportunities. 1, the pressure cooker cooking market period (the 60s of last century to the middle of 90's): the period of attention is the product itself, especially the security of the high degree of concern. In 1964, China's hardware manufacturing history of the birth of the first products, a pressure cooker to pressure cooker production along with representatives of the formation of the modern kitchen manufacturing, energy, time pressure cooker in the home of a people for the traditional cooking pot outside the low-attention , the rapid development of unique, because of its safety continues to attract the attention of consumers and therefore continue to promote the development of the industry. The period can be called from the perspective of industry production and supply of, the period represented by the brand to double happiness. 2, open flame cooking market period (90 years from the last century to the middle of last century): the period of concern about the technological revolution brought about by a relatively high degree of concern. Fried, boiled, steamed, fried, fried, non-stick technology, oxidation, complex technology, a great new technology and new technology application, so homely cooking quality from product to product categories, changes in access to the reborn, fully adapted to the domestic housing sets of rates rising, the consumer market to the quality of the change request. Cookware market is no longer a low-end market, achieved in the high-end to mid-range and beyond. The quality improvement can be called during the period, the period in Supor, ASD, Double Happiness, wife, home to brands such as representatives of low-end market Zeyi Samsung, Venus, Wang Zhonghuang as the representatives. Tina La Costa and other international brands are also the end of the period began to move the Chinese market, and in just a few years after the initial establishment of the Chinese forces, so that finally begin to address domestic cooking brand high-end consumer market. 3, the overall market during cooking (since the last century): the period of concern about the huge sums of capital from the rapid influx of cookware industry. Computer technology, information technology, automation technology in the cookware industry, great application, starting from the use of functional, cookware industry, originally part of the gradual integration of the development of small household appliances in the kitchen cooking small appliances segment class (the plate or can be called electric cooker Hidden fire cooking), to achieve with the hidden fire cooking fire fully integrated gradually. Industry have come to clear the border, when the market size to achieve a breakthrough by leaps and bounds. In 2003, for example, cooking utensils industry (brand cooker) in the domestic market is only open fire cooking industry 2025 billion, while the integrated electric cooker immediately after the market size increase to 140 million, is expected in 2004 throughout the cooking domestic market (the brand cookware) market size to break 180 million, of which the main growth will come from the electric cooker market. The period can be called border expansion of the industry, not only for the period cookware brands in the original repair of fire outside the refining, the United States and other giant part of the **** advantages of the brand in the business of the strong electric cooker market, industry growth has prompted they are ambitious, but also attracted a lot like the boss electrical strength of such markets the brand heavily involved cooking, more international brands such as India and lead the trend. Three important period of development, industry structure and industry scale has been fission, we can find the first two periods have the absolute leader, but to the overall market during the cooking, from the product category, from the assets, production, sales revenue, profit and tax and other indicators of the whole, not a brand cookware industry with industry-leading position, only the individual title. For example: the first brand pressure cooker, induction cooker brand, etc., can be said that the domestic industry from the beginning of cooking is similar to non-brand competition to a limited brand of orderly competition, now to the period of competition between brands, and the original fire cookware brands in which the brand has more to bring professional-quality industrial property value. We know that when the difference competition requires focus on the emergence of significant absolute advantage comparative advantage when the weak, while there are a huge help fund the capital, then the industry went to a very important period of change. Rationalization of competitive strategy formulation will be in the next few years is the traditional cooking of the industry, especially the development of brands have far-reaching significance. A thick sediment of years of culture, 40-year changes in the development of speed, cookware industry have come to the eve of a sprint, so this time of pain and happiness of domestic cooking sector. In the course of the sprint, the pain and happiness based on industry status and root cause and the size of the market structure, we have fundamental differences can be found in a variety of competitive strategy can be combined to choose the following summary of several examples: 1, the value of the profit strategy (product line, opening play): development of international standards and style cooking, while another high-end cookware products of national claims (ratio of high-end consumer market, rather than the ratio of high-end enterprise), poised to complete the market, pay attention to build and not fat (situation as death), because the domestic cooking of any brand are not yet a direct impact on the accumulation of high-end consumer market, as the reservoir must be higher as more storage, gold map low-end products, sales pulled up to the value of investment be profitable and opportunistic access to high-end consumer market. 2, the vertical integration strategy (brand power Dikaigaozou): new understanding, to explore and integrate all resources, including domestic trade, plant and equipment, research and development, process route, etc., purification to improve the operation of superior resources into the brand equity around the high-end market access and consumer market to turn cutting block, in every brand touch point value system to complete high-end cookware brand exposure, from the limited visibility and reputation of the value of brand awareness shipped to turn to the depth of brand assets, operational, to Pilot brand power consumption trends of vertical integration. 3, the market concentration strategy (streamlined path to go town): strategic focus and funding from the chain can be seen that a strong brand in a number of domestic cooking areas to urban markets, reach and product distribution rate can not be too high, some cooking utensils brands can grab time than speed, reduced circulation path to the local needs of low-cost and establish a strong function of the product linked to the terminal lines, predatory no-name brand cookware and small market share, market size of the part of the general consumer market with almost equal . 4, changes in the market strategy (target of foreign to international): advantages of centralized funding and resources to expedite the development of the international market, opening the mainland take sides, to OEM and own brand as the way to accelerate efforts, in particular, the first to enter Indonesia, India, Vietnam , Australia and other cooking utensils market demand or other less developed countries and regions in the development. 5, focus on strategy (specific areas of construction advantages): In the kitchen into the overall market, the whole category has the absolute advantage of the weak, you can bypass the already strong product category leading brand in a product category on the trend established position in the industry to expand market share, and a light ride by faster. 6, increasing share of the strategy (grab cheap line force Wai): In addition to high-end consumer market, cooking, after all, in most cases the market is a low degree of product focus, in this particular case, the terminal can be advantages of comprehensive investigation and competitors in these advantage of the terminal product line, find the layout of the law and the **** part of the current market structure, the **** can not be too many terminals and targeted a single product targeted full vent to expand market share, profits, continue to affect the strategic layout of opponents to random sequence of lasting victory. Differentiation can also find a lot of competitive strategy, each strategy can also be found in targeted blocking strategies, operating practices under the Strategy will be leaving due to operating results of different techniques and designs, the existing degree of market size has been developed still quite limited, all brand cooker company should be based on its strategic development goals and the actual capacity designed to meet their own needs and conducive to the overall development of the industry competition strategy, the market continued prosperity and progress. In short, in this moment of opportunity in the sprint, open flame cooking and a new integrated electric cooker cookware industry, please mark the boundary of your strategy! Sprint! Second, the eve of pain and happiness in the sprint behind such pain and pleasure is the essence of this industry sector boundaries and borders for a specific business need to understand the industry, the importance of brand marketing than any previous historical period, in economic sectors huge amount of capital funding and construction of the convergence of competition, against this background that the general tactical rather than strategic competition issues unprecedented competition put on the table of decision makers in this industry. Reasonable development of the competitive strategy must be combined with the industry first to the development of deconstruction industry is the specific symptoms of pain and pleasure. Cookware industry sectors reflect the three fission process pain: Pain is one of the cooking itself is a concern about the use of products with low, resulting in cookware industry business requirements for the brand than the general challenge of durable consumer goods industry, a higher degree of a cooking pot at home so that the traditional image of the traditional domestic cooking sector (fire cooker) mostly concentrated in the low-end products (the so-called high-end product is only high-end enterprise products, rather than high-end consumer market products), in particular, the overall size of the market in recent years, the marginal increase is not high, so the market increasingly competitive, we are a little cake for curing more share segmentation, in order to expand market share can only keep diluted profits, some companies At the same time management is not strict, so the profit is a smooth slide to be tested, for example, the industry's position in the industry should be said that a company very good 2-3 billion in domestic sales, and profits are not to be 500 million. Second, the pain of this competition led to the brand value of the content industry Zheng Tixing weak correlation brand and consumer awareness is also focused on aspects of the real experts know that brand management, brand awareness and out of contact points bearing the brand name and reputation of the leading role for the sales will be greatly constrained, which is specialized in branded and non-professionals to do the biggest difference between brands. Brand value of domestic cooking in general were weak correlation to high-end consumer market, some of Yan Shen been severely tested, this test is simple to describe: the first of several domestic cookware regardless of brand, to the current carrying capacity of the brand, if the direct impact Some of the foreign share of cookware brand high-end consumer market, part of the approach even the high-end stores have a problem, even if occasionally can not go into the field much volume. This fire cookware industry that business if frank, I am afraid will not deny it. The third is a pain in the meantime, after China's WTO accession average tariff of metal products fell 50%, the first time allowed foreign manufacturers operating in China, they can not through the intermediary of Chinese customers to do business directly with China, which the traditional fire cookware industry, business changes brought about great challenges. And pain go hand in hand, cooking utensils industry three happy: happy because the customer base is one of continuous improvement, home, a cooking pot evolved into what vegetables do pot, the rapid expansion of product lines. Although the low attention of the industry to promote competition is fierce, many tricks, but in general just focus on the price level, and that price competition is not as overstating similar to a strategic height Glanz, so from a strategic point of view, all cookware company actually performed is a bustling Kinmen artillery game, but only to reinforce rather than change the market structure. Second, happiness is at the same time, the consumer market gradually to what kind of person what kind of pot, what kind of pot what kind of life transition, industry across the border to achieve the introduction of electric cooker (that is, the original class of small kitchen appliance industry small appliances), the field from the consumer point of view function and use of the physical characteristics of the original point of view different from the product of two different relevant sectors of industry consolidation, industry massive expansion of market size (2003 country kitchen cooking small appliances market is estimated at 100-120 billion), the original sales network infrastructure and terminals based on a great value, complete the industry beyond the boundaries of the profit gain. Third, happiness in Europe, the United States and Japan, high-quality hardware products will have a huge market demand, developing countries in Asia on continued demand for small kitchen appliances are continuously stimulated the market, many domestic manufacturers have to trade cooking exports as a key strategic territory and achieve a breakthrough. Third, differences in response to competitive strategy is the key to sprint the three major deconstruction of the cookware industry after the pain and joy of three, combined with the influx of financial strength cookware industry parties, we can find cooking competition between the industry need for urgent implementation of the strategy its operation to do will directly affect the industries and enterprises in the next 3-5 years after sprint seating rearrangement, share the results of sharing profits and sales can be said that this is the result of the pipe must be embedded, the difference is the cooking of competitive strategy manufacturing enterprises during the response to sprint key. Pain by three three-cooker industry happy, brand cooker competition between business strategy has been to get some inspiration, while the cooking to focus on domestic and regional market size, under the influence of climate in the overall market can help companies determine the **** of the brand's competitive cooking strategy.
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