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Coal washing (Preparation) of the process is different, the use of raw materials (chemicals, additives) are also different. (1) increase the HM cleaning agent to use (heavy medium powder); (2) flotation flotation reagent to be used (including the foaming agent, collector, inhibitors and modifiers); (3) election jig Preparation of coal and shaking with water only, without any additives. Among them, the dense medium coal preparation is the most advanced gravity coal washing method is to raw coal on the density (specific gravity) than the water in the heavy medium separation technology. HM separation media used in 2 categories: heavy liquid and heavy suspension. Heavy Liquid is a high density of various soluble salts in the aqueous solution (such as **** solution) or high density organic liquids (such as bromoform, ****). Re-suspension by the high density of mineral powder (such as magnetite, pyrite loess slag, river sand, barite, waste rock, flotation tailings, etc.), the most commonly used is magnetite. You say pink is the HM mean the kinds of materials, its role is to improve and regulate coal washing medium density. Heavy liquid price is high, the majority of toxic and corrosive, and difficult recovery, the industry rarely used. Re-suspension cheap, excessive non-corrosive, easy recovery, preparation of the suspension density range, therefore, widely used in industry re-suspension.
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