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First, the "Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement," Overview of the Certificate of Origin (a) visa countries South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh (b) of the English name of the certificate the name of the certificate "CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN ASIAPACIFIC TRADE AGREEMENT", referred to as "the Asia-Pacific certificates." (C) Visa products, "the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin," the issue, limited to publication of the "Agreement" giving tariff preferences under the products, these products must meet the "Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement rules of origin." (D) the certificate text contents of the certificate in English. Second, the application used a written bid for the Asia-Pacific FORM A certificate application. The project should fill out the application, the same column with the certificate should be consistent with the certificate. Certificate signed by the member application form and return units in the English bid to host the seal affixed. Electronic accreditation system should be the actual situation truthfully fill out the application form. Third, the certificate number certificates entered in the upper right corner of the certificate. Certificate No need to fill in the Asia-Pacific species identification certificate letter B, the rest can refer to Form A presentation of the certificate number, for example: B08470ZC20390038. Fourth, fill in the certificate the first column: fill in the export legitimate name, address and country names. The exporter must be registered with my company. Other companies reporting exporter agent may, in its name, address, add beat ON BEHALF OF (O / B), CARE OF (C / O), or VIA, and then stamped by the agency's name (or address). By agencies with foreign names and addresses shall not be declared. Second column: the legitimate consignee name, address and country names. End when the consignee does not clear the bar to fill TO ORDER. Third column: Fill out the official use of column reference to the GSP certificate of the same part of the complete standard. Fourth column: the column mode of transport and route information Fill out the GSP certificate of the same part of the complete standard. Fifth column: indicate that the goods of the four-digit H.S. code. Sixth column: indicate the transport package marks and numbers. Mark heads manufactured abroad shall not have the words. Not see the bill of lading or see complete invoices. Marks may take the form of a pictorial mark affixed. Copy paste the certificate marks the fifth to ten column space, not a border, can not be overwritten. Post a finish can be attached to the second page, and so on. Seventh column: description of goods, packaging and means the number of complete reference to the GSP certificate bar the same part of the complete standard. Eighth column: State to declare the goods enjoy preferential treatment based on the origin criteria. (A) If the goods wholly obtained, fill in the A. (B) if the goods with imported components, 55% of non-domestic value of the component, enter the letter B plus or originating in non-member of unknown origin materials, parts or products of the total value of exports accounted for a percentage of FOB, for example, : (B40%). (C) if the goods contain imported components, the cumulative value of the components of domestic and 60% of members, fill in C plus the accumulated content originating in the Member States the total value of export products with a percentage of FOB, for example: (C65%). (D) meet certain standards of origin of products, enter the letter D. (The main report for LDC exports of products) the ninth column: fill in the quantity of goods units of measurement. Units of measurement should be based on invoiced sales units shall prevail. Such as: kg, Taiwan, parts, double, covers. HS code sixth column, seventh column description of the goods, the eighth column of origin and the ninth column of the standard unit of measurement to one correspondence. Tenth column: Invoice number, invoice date. XI column: fill in the reporting date, to declare members of signature, official seal. Twelfth column: fill in the date signed by the authorized person signing the visa, visa stamp agency FORM A visa for the record the word stamp. Fifth, the certificate should bid for the time prior to export, or export within 3 working days after the application. Late institutions no longer accept visa applications for the issuance of the certificate. Shipped within 3 working days of the certificate used to sign the form back, the visa application date and the date can be consistent with the actual shipping date, no cover on fat seal. Visa is not required to provide a bill of lading and other relevant documents. Sixth, change the certificate of a certificate issued by the exporter after the certificate error that can change the certificate application. Visa requirements change according to the GSP certificate of visa requirements for the implementation of changes to the certificate. VII, replacement certificate issued certificates stolen, lost or destroyed, the exporter may apply for replacement certificates. Replacement visa by the GSP certificate of visa requirements for the implementation of a replacement certificate. Eight, the certificate is valid from the date of issue of the certificate valid for one year. IX products must comply with the rules directly transported from the Asia-Pacific free trade zone of origin direct shipping rules. The Hong Kong and Macao to the Allied re-goods inspection and quarantine agencies in obtaining the certificate of origin issued by the exporter to hold such a certificate and related documents, to Hong Kong, Macao China Inspection Company Limited to apply for re-processing is not proof. Ten, the other the other visa requirements visa requirements visa requirements by the implementation of the GSP certificate.
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