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[Blue blog Zhuantie] compared the three major foreign trade B2B platform: Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China 0 replies,940 views

Blue Sky blog has worked in network and Alibaba China worked on a certain understanding of B2B industry. Today, to share B2B platform in the choice of foreign trade enterprises should pay attention to what, Alibaba, Global Sources and Made in China B2B platform for the three sites which the advantages and disadvantages, how to choose the location consistent with their own B2B platform. A, Alibaba ( Alibaba is the largest, most influential B2B e-commerce site, by the legendary Jack Ma in Hangzhou was founded in 1999. Alibaba B2B website set standards, this success created a B2B Internet business model. At the same time, Alibaba's 800 million registered members, worldwide more than 220 countries and regions. Ali Baba in November 2007 in Hong Kong market capitalization was 250 billion U.S. dollars, known as China's largest Internet company. Ali Baba's economic strength and long-term development capacity of the three B2B sites are far ahead. Alibaba China Supplier current charges members (Gold Supplier, called in for) more than the price of 5 million / year, the threshold is relatively high. Alibaba vast majority of registered members on the suppliers and buyers have few resources, only about 22 million buyers registered users. In order to improve supplier members, the seller and the effects, Alibaba also, and Global 1000, 500 Chinese industries influential large companies in the procurement platform through Alibaba, and guide members to participate in screening Chinese suppliers online procurement activities (and sometimes even a big buyer of cable special procurement under the will, but very demanding of suppliers, few companies can be allowed to attend). In contrast, buyers Alibaba B2B website resources are the three most abundant. However, Alibaba allows buyers bulk e-mail inquiry, therefore, the seller is not a valid number of objective inquiry, and led to the price suppliers malicious competition and harm the overall interests of the buyer. Many companies have chosen to become a member of Alibaba China suppliers, and more shaping the company's brand image from the start, that is, through cooperation with Alibaba prove that the company's ability to obtain recognition of overseas buyers. Overall, clothing, textiles, culture, sports and leisure goods, machinery and other industries have a certain strength of the foreign trade enterprises can choose to choose to do Alibaba China Supplier Membership. Second, Global Sources ( is a veteran of Global Sources B2B trade website, the main advantage of the industry of electronic and gift industries. Global buyers of high quality resources and most abundant resource, reaching as many as 700,000. Global Sources member price generally charged at 10 million yuan, the threshold is very high, usually difficult to afford small businesses. Of course, the effects of global resources is the best member. This is because the global resources of high quality and rich buyers from the other hand, it is because members of Global Sources suppliers bring high threshold strength of protection. Global resources in addition to the online website promotion, but also through the CD-ROM, magazines, exhibitions and other traditional suppliers to help the situation for effective promotion. Blue blog that a certain scale the electronic, automobile and motorcycle, gifts, crafts, jewelry and other industries foreign trade enterprises can choose to global resources, should have good results. Third, China Network ( is headquartered in Nanjing, China Network, established in 1998, is a very low-key acting site. Net domain names in China (referred to as MIC) is the image of the Chinese market easily be made acceptable to overseas buyers. Made in China this year, the 10th anniversary, the company had planned this year in the domestic A share market, but because of the global economic crisis, the domestic stock market into bear market cycle, the field of foreign trade and the winter of B2B, market ran aground. Made in China more pragmatic style, dominant mainly in garments, handicrafts, transport, machinery, and several other industries. Made in China although far less well-known in China Alibaba and Global Sources, but in the overseas buyers have a certain influence. Made in China mainly through the overseas promotion of Google and other search engines and participating in overseas exhibitions for both situations. Network resources, China is not very rich buyers, but buyers can only send a single supplier inquiry letter, which is relatively high quality inquiry. Now certified supplier network in China (Audited Supplier) the charges for the 31,100 yuan / year. From the cost point of view, the three China-made net is the best. Therefore, the blue sky blog suggested that belongs to the Chinese manufacturing industry, the financial strength of network advantages of small businesses can generally choose to do certified Chinese-made network of suppliers members. Summary: As the global economic downturn, domestic labor costs, the implementation of the new labor contract law, the rapid appreciation of the RMB, foreign trade situation has been precarious, simply select the B2B Web site promotion is not the majority of foreign trade enterprises, especially SMEs, the best choice. Blue blog recommendations, the majority of small and medium sized foreign trade enterprises, according to firm size and industry select the right B2B platform B2B platform must not blindly follow those sales flicker. At the same time, the majority of small and medium enterprises to do their own independent B2B company website, using Google Adwords to promote. This two-pronged approach, the effect will be better. Finally, the blue sky blog want to say is that some companies do to promote effective B2B little or no effect, this is not just the platform, because there are other members of the industry to obtain good results. B2B is not a panacea, but at the cost of foreign trade enterprises should make the case of foreign trade, B2B platform still is a good choice. Blue blog this article, just Alibaba, Global Sources, China made a simple three major platforms network analysis and evaluation that will give foreign trade enterprises in the choice of medium and small B2B platform point of reference.
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