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Foreign trade B2B website platform - How to do promotion work? 0 replies,366 views

Rong Chao a meeting of international e-commerce platform, our relationship always tell us how to raise the foreign trade B2B business platform for their own commercial website? First, the image of the shops to do a good job to improve the customer conversion rate, if you shop product is very detailed, like the company also introduced a rough, then you seek to offer customers the conversion rate to low. The second shop in the B2B platform to improve website ranking, ranking is too low, too few opportunities to see by customers. B2B trade platform for the future will be a wide range of website promotion service extension model, which includes logistics, finance, markets, institutions, information consultation and other factors to promote fast service mode platform, the diversified, one-stop, all aspects of foreign trade B2B platform for site promotion. Therefore, the image of a good job shops, B2B trade platform for SEO site promotion - to improve rankings, these things you can do the following B2B trade platform for site promotion - Product do a good job is the most important products. 1, the products provide as rich and variety. 2, the product is higher quality picture, you can spend some money to pay professional photographers to shoot, shoot a good product sheet effects, the rate of increase of great help to find disc. 3, the product parameters to provide detailed and complete. Do not irrelevant, some careless companies, product parameters and the product images and product names do not match, the customer will leave a bad impression of 4 comparison, regular product updates. If you have a new product out, that we will provide timely updates, updated product in a timely manner is very good, easy to retrieve the product obtained when a higher ranking. Rong Chao International this still need improvement. B2B trade platform for website promotion - the company's image of the company's image is more important. If their company has a certain strength, it should be on the site to put their strengths and advantages displayed. Company to provide clear and concise. Company profile does not require long-winded, but to be able to put the company's situation, the strength advantage is clear. If the product received the honor, you can upload the Certificate show. If you have a good business environment, it can take some business location, and internal office, production photos. Allows customers to more intuitively understand your company, which can enhance trust. Implication is to tell customers of our company is genuine, not one or two people that bag company. Rong Chao international image is obtained, it is already out well. B2B trade platform for website promotion - Contact Contact is a very important link. Ensure that the contact address, phone number, EMAIL is correct. EMAIL look for overseas customers with a lot of disk, so be sure to choose a stable, smooth flow of business mail service providers. Special sales to be able to always check whether the search disk-mail messages, access e-mail to seek timely treatment of disc and timely contact tracing customers. And seek to ensure a smooth customer contact plate this link appears to be the simplest, most basic things. But the fact is that many companies do have the wrong contact, do not offer the timely processing of information search, e-mail can not receive low-level errors and the loss of these customers, this phenomenon is in reality a lot of, or the majority of enterprises will or less mistakes in this part. Therefore, attention should be more than a good foreign trade B2B website platform to promote all the details, B2B trade platform for effective integration of Web search engine tools to achieve with minimal cost maximum profits, with the most optimized and high quality orders for inquiry. Rong Chao international e-commerce related General concluded by stressing the
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